Dragster makes, what to look for?

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Default Dragster makes, what to look for?

I'm sure everyone has a favorite but I'm looking at buying a swing arm dragster. Is any one make better than the other (Advantages/ dis-advantages). I've heard some chassis are built light (run faster) but really flex bad whereas ones are stiffer and come out of the hole wheels up straight. The three I'm looking at is a Racetech, Undercover, and a Miller. Never thought it would be such a big step going from a hard tail to suspended!!! :shock:
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Dont forget Racecraft,Danny Nelson is the nicest guy in the business and builds a ton of high quality dragsters.
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Best advice dont get caught up into buying a name. IMO undercover is the most over rated over priced car out there.

I like racecrafts & diamonds, mullis is a good car also. Swingarm from a hardtail will be night and day
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Absolutely love the 2008 Racetech Swingarm that we have. I just pulled the ad down to get the car ready for race season, but if you are looking, I am still selling. Can make it roller to turnkey or just hook on to the trailer and go. Bottom line, love the swingarms. I do agree with Hammertime. The Undercover is over priced and the quality is just the same with Racetech. Never had a Miller. He uses a cantilever style suspension which I have never really cared for. Just preference wih a very simple mono shock swingarm design. Good luck to you. I you want photos of the Racetech, let me know.
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I actually have a S&W lol,i bought last fall real cheap.I have been buying some stuff from Danny Nelson and he is super nice thats why i mentioned Racecraft.There are alot of newer dragsters out there cheap right now,so Good Luck.
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Well, my first car was by Gebhardt's. Was sent photos of Jacklyn's car and it looked pretty darn good. It seemed like a good choice at the time as it was reasonably close to home and they build bad ass door cars. Well, the car I got was not nearly as well done as hers, I had quite a few problems with it including missed welds, broken uprights, poor body fit and regret ever dialing their phone number. Next car was an Undercover. Perfect car, never any issues, fit and finish you would expect and the resale value held up very well. I now own my second Undercover with the same results. Bottom line, Undercover, and those in that class like RaceTech and a few others, have it down to a science. Remember, Kurt Damron is a college educated engineer, not a back yard mechanic turned chassis builder. I've been to their shop and seen their operation. It's where you would want to spend you hard earned money. Lesson learned, do your homework.
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