Something to talk about.

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Default Something to talk about.

I Just Traveled 1000 miles in less than 18 hours to Look At..................... A real piece of sh_t.

I have taken hundreds of road trips in my life time looking for that diamond in the rough and kinda thought I had a little bit better judgement. All I got out of my last road trip was something to talk about.

:? :? What is it with these guys and the prices they put on their cars. I know everyone to some degree thinks their car is the One, their baby, the best thing that ever happened to them, but there are limits. I even understand that one may list the price of their car just a little above market value so they have a little room to barter, but this car was way off base.

The asking price for the car was 25,000.00, it was a 7500 - 10,000 dollar car.

I am not going to call out the car or seller, because I just saw it sold to some unfortunate buyer on ebay. I really feel sorry for that guy. Never the less when that bad boy shows up at his house I know he is going to be ticked off. Really ticked off.

However, if the car does show back up on RJ I will send a Red flag up immediately.

The only thing I could say about the car was the body was solid for its age.

This car was a 4 linked backhalf car. The 4 link was less than a foot long from rear axel to front brace. It has welds on it the were an inch wide and ugly isn't the word.The steel used for the backhalf was 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 frame rails. Frame braces were welded to body panels.

The guy sent me pics, and the pics were not as good as quality as I needed to see. They were a little fuzzy and always seem to show just enough, but not enough, you know what I mean.

The conversations I had with the owner, well, he was a really nice guy, very cordial. The add was described in basic content, the pictures were taken in front of a nice house and all the pics were 20 footers or greater.

Overall, between the ad and the conversations with the owner this opportunity appeared to have all the ingredients of finding a possible canidate for my next project.

Looking back on the whole ordeal, I probably made a few mistakes in my own judgement to take that trip, but I was couriously drawn into wanting to see the car in person.

My boys and I laughed all the way home. They ribbed me about how I wasted their time going to look at a piece of Sh_t and how I will no longer be able to make such road trip decisions. and the best comment of all was "I thought you had better judgement than that, You must be getting too old for this." ops:
Well I am done venting, just a long ride. I am talking more about how foolish I was to make the decission to take that trip, how I lost 200 bucks in fuel. LOL Its all my fault, I know this, but still wonder what are some of these guys thinking.

You can bet your hind end I will be a little ore cautious before I make my next road trip. I just hope the boys will ride along next time. LOL
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Default Roadtrip

I think everyone has made that journey at least once. Makes you wonder though, what about those that buy sight unseen..
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Default Dont kick yourself


Did you lose $200 in fuel or could you consider it $200 in insurance to protect you from buying a piece of junk long distance.

I would consider it $200 well spent.

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:lol: LOL Scorpion1110

Yeah I read you loud and clear. I paid 200 bucks for a great time of bonding with my boys. I may never hear the end of it, but it was a good time.

If this trip taught me one thing, I will never buy sight unseen
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When I was a kid my dad drove 400 miles to look at a "really nice pro stock style" car.
When the got there it was very rough. The floorboards were made from highway road signs. :roll:

He eventually just had a new car built after looking at a few of the gems.
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Default Re: Roadtrip

Originally Posted by fla1976
what about those that buy sight unseen..

I have a word for that.....moron

A carburator or a intake you buy sight unseen....a CAR ? No way.

JMO no offense to any of you intended

Consider it a vacation/ time with your boys

I would love to be able to spend 18 hours with my father.
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Made a journey like that myself,long story short I spoke to the seller than bought a nova on e-bay,some call it winning....well I loaded up my father,and off we went,a real father and son moment,well we get four states over,and there it is.I almost threw up..I got out and looked inside,well actually through the car and it looked like the Flintstones mobile,there was only a trans tunnel,now I was told a hole the size of a Quarter,the part that upset me the most was,the was supposed to meet me there,I was right on time and he was nowhere to be found,talk about scumbag!!!? well we drove home and dad was shocked,that i got taken ,and then the guy had the balls to report me to e-bay for not paying!!! of course the phone no longer gets answered when I called,but I told e-bay what happened and could describe his house to a t and even knew the color of his cat...well that was my one and only online car purchase,now mind you I asked this guy a list of questions and he lied about everything,I guess he thought I was going to take it since I made the trip.well at least I didn't loose thousands like I see and hear about everyday.The problem is, the honest guys,you know who you are.,trust and believe people because we are honest,but unfortunately that is untrue,thanks for reading my boring complaint...
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Went with a Buddy of Mine to Dallas Texas about 4 years ago to buy a 10.5 mustang.....same deal a real POS when we got there... :shock:

But i was on the other end of a deal like this when a Guy called me ( let's just say 700 miles away)

I sent the Guy 30 plus pictures..close up...described the car to a tee,if anything i underdescribed the car if anything...he got here and we went out to the shop,,he walked around the car 3 or 4 times.. i ask him was the car desrcibed as i said it was ...he said Yes but he didn't like the older model Tranny in the car ????? (WHAT ?)...Now i been aorund this game for a long time and i cannot look under a car 5 inches off the ground and tell you whats inside a tranny...maybe if its a stock case or not but thats it....

Anyhow he said he was gonna get a hotel room for the Night and would call me in the morning...well he called me back that night and offered me MUCH less than the price we agreed upon...i ask him did i not describe the car good enough to him ..and he said..Yes...
So i "Laughed" out loud (actually) and told him to have a safe trip home...never heard nothing else from him.

I still have the same car and glad i Did not sell.It has turned out to be one of the funniest best all around cars i ever person can run it,easy to maintain, all motor should go 5.70's all day long...what more do ya want ?

Chris a member on here (RJ Forum) Bowtie454 ended up with the 406 small block i had in the car and it now sports a 565ci PAR bullet..
By the way Cris as been to my house several Times ( new and old house)

just wanted to share.

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I think you have to take the long distance purchases with a grain of salt. I know that most people are pretty good at what they descibe, others find it a challenge. I think it is almost worth the price of a plane ticket or a couple of tanks of gas to see it in your own eyes.
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