somethings my church did I thought you would like

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Default somethings my church did I thought you would like

8) :wink: maby you have heard about the muslims slaughtering the christians in the sudan, a 21 year old ordeal. many of the villages would be raded by muslim on horseback and would gun down the men and young men leaving only the women and chieldren to be taken as slaves. our church purchased the freedom of over seven hundred people from the muslims. this was a very expensive task. many churches in the us help the people in the sudan who have been a victim of this. wonder why our news media did not cover much of this.although the violence has calmed down some what it still is going on. slavery exists even today. we also feed and cloth the homeless. assist the orphans and abandon chieldren, buy shoe and clothing for the unfortinate school chieldren. over 1000 toys to give chieldren at christmas.reroofed several houses for for little old widowed men and women. just thought you would like to know rob
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Thats a great story!!!!
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MUSLIMS- ill kill a ton of innocent ppl because i cant get the 1 right guy

....waitin for GOD to say wipe them out, (and the children still suffer) :cry:
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Rob, that is admirable of your church to do this. What a gift....
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