The Economy has no Conscience - Scams and Scammers

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Default The Economy has no Conscience - Scams and Scammers

Folks, be vigilent. As the economy gets worse and everyone is tightening their belts I am getting amazed at what I see.

People that I have known and dealt with for quite a while not fulfilling deals. Making empty promises. Screwing buddies and friends over a few bucks. Have had it happen to me twice in the last three months-formerly good friends.

People with good reputations not sending promised items and not responding to emails or phone calls.

Example: Just bought a bead roller from a very reputable parts guy on another site- took 4 weeks to get the item after he begged for a rush payment and he left out the set of Ogee dies he promised. I had to push him hard to cough up the merchandise. He didnt send the dies.

I guess what I am trying to say is when the good guys start behaving questionably, what do you think the scammers are going to do? I bet every one of you has an email inbox filled with Nigerian Lottery Notifications.

So what can you do? Heres a few things to try:

1) When you buy a car or part off the Internet, print the whole add same day you make the deal- it will put the date in the lower corner and you will have pictures and wording.
2) Send your payment registered mail or better yet certified-that will give you a signature of receipt.
3) Take the time to write a letter or note outlining the deal, your name, their name, the price and the check or money order number, sign and photocopy.
4) Take a copy of your check or money order.
5) Insist that the seller offer insurance, get the price and pay for it-It saves you a ton of grief when your item gets "lost".
6) Get a written confirmation of what is included in the deal- get it in writing that you are getting everything pictured. It might help when you take him to court.
7) Lastly before you jump the gun because you are all excited about the item, look for user feedback to see if the selller actually shares DNA with pond scum.

And lastly, Ask Beast477 if the seller is on his list!

As for my bead roller issue? Well he lost out on the 364 naihead he was jonesing on- The one going in his wife's hot rod. I expect she will nag him all the way to his spot in Hell.

Just some thoughts.

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sorry to hear that SCORP..but you are also correct in the sign of the times..i am afraid its gonna get worse before it gets better that is a given in most bad situations at some point in time..but what the bad thing is no-one knows how far along we are in this recession..are we in the middle,close to the end or what ?

i think we can safely say we are not at the begining of it...we are in it for sure..

You gave some Good Advise. here that should be followed in Good times and bad.


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Guys, the things I have seen and encountered in the last couple of weeks totally leaves me speachless. Buyers, sellers and distributors are all feeling the effect of the economy. It is sincerely ruthless out there. People have seem to lose sight of the meaning of their word, misrepresenting items they are selling, sellers pushing sales and distributors getting midevil on eachother due to price cutting.

Seems like all the nice guy stuff is over.

In the immortal words of John Paul Jones, "Batten Down The Hatches".

Crime is on the rise by 15 percent in the midwest. Watch your money and secure your possessions. If you don't your stuff will end up at the nearest pawn shop.

Times are getting tough and I am sure this forum will be lit up like a x-mas tree over the next couple of years.

Buyer/Seller :twisted: BEWARE :twisted: The economies state of depression has set in.
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Thanks to Barry and ilk...................... :x :?
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ashbros... it is scarey out there. I have tried to quit watching the news alot more. I was draggin' me down too much. there will be some interesting scams comming...

Scorp- sorry to hear about your ordeal... but in these times not terribly surprised. If I buy from here, it will only be done w/ friends at this point. If i can help it, I will buy new everytime from a dist. You seem to be doing a great job helping others who are victimized here... you also have alot of great tips too.. man, keep up the great work.

Double-D!!! Always can count on a political take on these topics from you!! Ha ha. Anyways, after looking at Obama's diabolical "stimulis plan", it looks like our great grandchildren will be in debt for a long time. I keep telling myself to give "Barry" a chance to do his job, but all I see is dissapointments already. I started to listen to Pelosi speak last night about the vote on the new plan & I absolutley got disgusted & shut off the TV & played w/ kids (they don't care about her either). Scoot
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