I'm scared!

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Default I'm scared!

Hi all,
I have spent the last couple of hours reading a whole bunch of posts in the Scammers section of the forum.
I joined RJ to buy a race car and these posts are scaring the crap out of me. It seem like a whole bunch of people, both buyers and sellers, are getting screwed. I think RJ needs to find a way to address some of this. You can't stop it all but it seems almost rampant here.
I know a guy can go the legal route if he has been wronged but that's expensive and very time consuming, especially if it crosses state or even national borders. It would be much better to figure out how to stop it at the source. Maybe a small listing fee or membership fee would help pay for some software that could help.
I have been talking to a RJ member about his car and it's just what I'm looking for. He is a longtime member and seems to be respected and helpful. I hope we can do a deal and both of us are happy in the end, except of course he will miss his race car and I will be spending a lot more money than I am now. I think I can trust him (if not I'll have to hunt him down).
Just my $0.02
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Trust but verify..............
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I wish more members would get on the forum so they can ask/read about other members before doing business. Several members have emailed/pm'd me about doing deals, they get my thoughts and ask if I know the person. Sometimes I know them sometimes I do not but atleast they ask.

I also think that guy you want to buy the car from will miss that car also its won him a few dollars
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one thing that might help you feel more at ease on the buying is put the ad # and the sellers user name on here and ask if anyone has dealed with him yet on here.if they have they will let you know if there dealings was good or bad with him..i've done this myself a couple times before buying and have been saved once for a bad seller and have found a couple of very honest sellers that i was told about.
good luck on your new car and have fun with it.
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Default Just check them out

I've been on racing junk for a few years now and have met some really nice people and got some really good deals. I think the key is for everyone to read the warning box on the ad pages "be sure to speak with them on the phone, get name and address, be wary, etc...) We all get a little excited when we see something we really want at a great price and sometimes don't heed the warnings, or use our heads. All of the items I've bought on here I've either talked with them extensively on the phone or in person (sometimes not possible). the feedback system is a great way to keep tabs on sellers and buyers. Remember: A fool and his money soon part!
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Ultimately it is UP TO THE BUYER to do his/her RESEARCH. NO one is holding a gun to their head to make that purchase.
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