Ok Ford guys help me out with timming

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Default Ok Ford guys help me out with timming

First off i have a rebuilt 306 that im getting ready to fire,it is a 70 model block,i have the firing order,but isnt ford on PS 1234 and Ds 5678 and dont my rotor need to point at #1 ? also what do i need that will fit on oil pump shaft to get oil up top,before firing? Looks like maybe a 5/16 socket but their is no room for one to fit in hole.. thanks for any help
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Pass side is 1234, put #1 at top dead center compression (not tdc exaust)
to do this- pull #1 plug, put your finger in the hole and turn the motor over by hand with a ratchet/socket on the crank until the air pushes out the hole, then continue to turn until the timing mark line up with TDC.
Drop the dist in so that the rotor is pointing in the basic number 1 position and advance the dist until it fires. I always put the crank at 15 deg and line up the rotor dead on, use a timing light for final adjustment.
To prime the motor before firing try a 1/4 drive deep socket and a speed handle- remember to turn it in the same direction as the dist turns.
hope this helps- Bob
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thanks BOB,for your help!!
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man, I can see that engine firing and beating the heck outta the poor guy Quote....live for the day cause it dont get no better tomorrow
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If you have a old dist laying around that your not using you can remove the guts and clamp directly onto the shaft with a 1/2 inch drill or you can use a deep-well thinwall 5/16 socket with a long extension and a speed handle but I doubt you'll turn it over fast enough to properly pre-lube the entire motor, best bet would be to clamp the extension to a drill.

NOTE: direction of rotation on a SBF is "counter clock wise".
There seems to be alot of confusion about the firing orders in SBF's so I added this...
The Firing order for all 5.0HO's (high-output), 351W's and most all aftermarket cams used in 302's and 351w's are as follows:
If your looking at the front of the motor number one on the dist should be about at the 12 o'clock position.
Hope this helps> Cp
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