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Default ronsauto435

Posting for a buddy of mine, he doesnt get on the computer much but thought people should know. He traded and money to boot for a 23T alt a few months back was suppose to drive it down there but do to a few issues could not. Decent looking car was suppose to have a 383 with forged internals, roller cam and stuff. Buddy took motor apart to see what is what, cast crank, stock rods, flat top pistons, hyd cam. Basically a stock motor. Now they out the $$ to fix it, again maybe they should of took it apart before selling?? but the guys word can not be trusted is what I am saying here.

Again this was not me, a buddy of mine here that I race with.
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Yep.on the motor deals it is very hard to know whats inside ,you have to take the sellers word for it..heck your buddy would have still done the deal, even if he would have known it was all stock inside,and just kept some of the boot money.but the seller was trying to do a fast sounds like....trying to pump up his stuff to get a buyer..
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That is a bummer. We hear of this happening all too often... typical stock motor with a cam. Why the hell can't people just be honest??? Bigray is right, he may have still bought it, just would have liked to know up front the true internals & have the planning & prep for a re-build.

I am sorry to hear about your friends misfortune. Rigsby
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hey it was me that this happened to and just to give an update.
i tore the whole car down to just the chassis and now starting to put it back together. all new wiring, redid the top of the body to make room for the carbon fiber dash, new lay down radiator mounted getting ready to order the new k-1 crank and rods, not sure on pistons yet. it heads were decint edelbrock heads but were 70cc chamberso they won't work for what i am doing so my buddy bought them for is s10 w/sbc swap(they are lots better than camel backs)and perfect for his pump gas street killer. now i need heads. a friend of ours sold my a big lunati roller cam and crane roller lifter and a custom set of 304ss 2" equal lenght headers cause i didn't like the ones that were on it.
so list of parts really needed
good heads for .700 lift roller cam
950 carb perfer quick fuel
dual chanel egt
tranny cooler
powerglide deep pan
wheelie bars
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what did he trade for the altered?
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Back close to 4 yrs ago i drove from S.C. to Indiana to purchase a 511ci

i told the guy to keep it in the car i wanted to hear it run....i got there and heard the engine run, then i helped him take the engine out...when we got the engine out i dropped the pan and verified the internals..

the seller had no issues with this.

So what i am saying it can be verified you just gotta be willing to take a little extra time and A-LOT more work and hassle to check it out..

i can ssure you it was a long day for me after pulling the engine and driving back to S.C. but well worth it..

on another note if a seller has a problem pulling off a pan...RUN !

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I will agree bjuice if he don't then there is something wrong.

I sold both of my engines a couple of years ago and told them that i would pull the pan and intake if they wanted to i also offered to pull the heads but if they didn't buy it i wanted the money for new head gaskets and thought that was fair .

But both was sold and they are still happy today i see them all the time at the track .

Be honest and don't try to hide anything and everybody will be happy. i always say.
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well we had it setup to drive the car down there. but 10 min minutes b4 we got there are truck had some problems and had to fix the truck instead i live in indiana and drove to florida about 20-22 hours 1way and had to get back home so the people that went with me could go back to work cause they had no vacation days. it just sucked that there was not anymore time after that to even start pulling stuff apart at that point so made the deal and headed for home. i traded a 99 honda civic and 6000.
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