E-85 fuel for racing fuel (good or bad)

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Default E-85 fuel for racing fuel (good or bad)

What changes to carb ,articals say it 105 octane? any body run this combo?
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If your race craft has a FLEX FUEL friendly fuel system and has pump gas requirements, this stuff will make the environmentalist preius's run great. NOT racing fuel don't let the octane rating fool you. There is a fuel called Q16 that VP makes that is this stuff with racing gasoline in it, Lead and a High octane motor rating of 116. There is probably not a short cut to that available at a gas punp in California. I am not a scientist, but if it runs those tree hugger approved engines it can't be good. Just kidden about the last part,........ well sort of.
I hope this gives you something to work with.
Since I left this I checked on line what that stuff is. Its 85 percent alcohol not 15 percent like I hoped it was. Sorry its worse than I thought in the corosion department. and not like Q16. its like low octane alcohol with a splash of pump gas in it to make it easy to light. The rest still applies.
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You have a PM.

Check this guy out http://www.geocities.com/mark_a_sull...ensRacing.html
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