Has anybody ever sold an Engine on here.

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Default Has anybody ever sold an Engine on here.

Just thought I would ask if anybody has ever sold an engine on this site.I have a engine listed to sell or trade and even put that I would kick in some cash for the right deal.I have had 1 reply who never called.I think my add is a more than a fair price.Maybe everyone is hurting more than I thought.Oh well I just thought I would ask.Any input would be helpful.
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I have sold a motor on here. One sold as advertised and the other ended up pulling some parts as it was going to be more of a street application. My opinion on motos is that what is not affordable today will be tomorrow. Look at 582 to 632 motors. Only a few select had them due to the price and you were doing good to have a 540 or 555. Now, you can't give away a 540 or 555 because everyone has an affordable 582.
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:lol: WOW say that last post out loud and as fast as you can :lol:
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I have sold quite a few motors on RJ. All sizes from 350's to 598 CID N/A, Blown or nitrous motors. Unless you get a great builder deal on parts or put alot of detail into your build, theres not much room for profit.
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yep..i have sold one..but i will say in my opinion its gotta be the hardest item to sell as a complete piece. IMO

1- being so many of them
2- so many mis-represented engines
3- its just hard to sell for a decent price,who wants to pay 8k for a 540ci with the chance of it being a dog when you can buy a new one for not much more money ?

if ya wanna sell one be prerapred to take a beating on it...IMO

Personally i will not buy a used engine unless i know the onwer/engine real well.


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To be honest I have not sold anything on here. I have a damn nice SBC motor that I listed and got two e-mails. I was asking half the cost and still couldn't get any response. Like Brian said, motors are hard to sell or you have to take a beating on the sale. The motor is still for sale for under $6500.00. Can't build it for twice that cost
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As an (Adult Hot rodder) I had to concede early in life that I was the only person that would either pay that much or have the lack to thought process to purchase much of my race car part inventory. They were worth whatever I could afford when they were purchased and are worthless when I sell them.
To be honest this site has been a real help in keeping my wife from having to coinceder planting me in the ground with all of it when I die (or when she does me in). I sold my 582 tall deck at my race track because people know me and see how I run my stuff. selling Big ticket items is hard even in better times. There are too many claims that people choose to believe that they use to compare your part to unrealistically. By the way I sold that $24,000 engine for $12,000 and felt lucky.
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I Listed a couple of my engines on here about two years ago and got some of the most ridiculous offers i ever heard.

People made offers so low i would just send a reply and thank them for the offer and tell them to have a nice day.

I sold both of them to local racers they new the engines and they were both great buys and like others have said you couldn't come close to build them for what i sold them for .

Has to be the hardest thing to sell people see these kits advertised cheap and think they can build the same engine new for half what you want and it just don't work like that i wish it did i would have a new 700 inch engine every year.
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Default Regarding Selling an Engine

I have never sold an engine on RJ- However when I sell any engine or transmission, in vehicle or not, I provide a photocopy of all receipts showing machine work or parts.

I keep originals to calculate my cost basis and profit margin, but providing the receipts offers a fair measure of protection as well as credibility on what I am selling. I would never represent any item based on what a prior owner had told me without personal verification.

If you have any support for what your are selling it might differentiate your add to get it sold.

Also shipping is always an issue-offer a link to www.uship.com, a buyer can post a shipment of an item like your motor that he is thinking of buying and then get transport bids. I moved a 32 ford pickup body/cab/bed/fenders from Green Bay to MD for $325.

Maybe this will help you get it sold

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from the buyers side, 2 yrs ago i purchased a 454 $800, that was
the best deal for me to see the parts in tx before i bought. the guy
was real nice sent pics he gave me the history and number which
had a 4 bolt that i wanted, he said the truck ran great no smoke,
no problems, here the machinest said the heads were shot, and
the crank was shredding the front/inside of the block, and it
was a 2 bolt. its my fault for not realy checking it out, but with
all that trouble, next time a new merlin block, the engine now
is a 496 w/4 bolts, im not upset, but the guy had to lie, 4 shot
seats and a shredding crank, smoke and a noisy engine.
the machinest gave me $300 credit for the heads, crank, rods
and slugs, and i repainted his signs for the rest of the machine
work..oh when i called the seller and just told him the problems
with the block, he said "thats your problem, as is" i just
laughed, fool me once :lol: :lol: (not saying all are like that)
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