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Default new to nitrous

i am new to the hole nitrous scene,but i have a 505ci bbc and it is around 700 hp now and i want to put a 200-400 shot on it, i am looking at the cold fusion set up, is there anything i need to watch in the diffrent nitrous companys, and does nitrous really cut the life of your motor in half. thanks for the help
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lots to learn for you and i!lol its a whole nother world.ive had some help so if i can help others im just passing the torch.

i see the best value in a dollar comparison would be cold fusion,but never had experience so maybe someone else can comment on theres...

start out slow!!!contact the manufacturer of their system and ask what is smallest nitrous shot that is recommended(i bought big shot kit and nos says no smaller than 175 shot with the big selenoids)

they all jet conservatively,but dont let motor run way rich because that can be just as dangerous as too lean.extra fuel can get past rings and push up on piston,not good!

you gotta run diffrent plugs also,contact head manufacturer for good input,i have dart 355s and i called and told them my specific application and they told me which plug on motor,which on 175, and which on i have 3 diffrent plugs i only running a 275 max at this time.

bottle pressure needs to be atleast 1000 lbs to 1100 when in staging lanes,purging down to the 1000 number is best because at end of run itll be down more than that

you must pull timing out of motor.when nitrous is in motor for every 50 hp gain on nitrous good rule of thumb to start with is 2 degrees less.

you might wanna think of running a seperate fuel regulator for nitrous side.i hope for your motors sake you have a big enough fuel delivery system!!!!big pump,lines,fittings,blablabla...

more octane needed also.if your motor is 10 to 1 compression,110 octane should be good out to about 250-300 hp gain levels,but it is much more than that.if your cam has lots of duration,then bleeeding off of cylinder pressure would cause the need of a higher octane to be minimized.

there is much more than this here but im not a pro

i shot my car 2 times last year to a best of 8.66 sofar,oh yea by the way add more converter slippage also,and make sure your rev limiter is set a bit higher than you think,i believe i hit mine last year and have to pull out the 7600 chip and put in a 8200.

the whole half the life idea,well it could be better or worse,depends on how much homework and research you do!!!

1.plugs2.timing3.fuel......those are main points...always respect power!!! have fun!!! im a junkie after the first nitrous pass-lol
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LOTS of very experienced NOS guys on yellowbullet. Just make sure you introduce yourself in the newbie thread first to lessen the bashing....just FYI you might already know that board.
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Being an old school racer,I AM learning alot about this nitrous racing.I have thought about trying some of that cheap horsepower,but I think I need to listen to you guys somemore.I have plenty of muscle in the 572 I have in my 70 camino.You know it is said ,what is enough?If anybody has any more suggestions on web sites or reading material on,I would be glad to hear from you.thanks!FISHMANJOE
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Hands down the best support will be from Steve Johnson or speedtech!!!! Steve sells Edelbrock nitrous thru his company called Induction solutions.GREAT GUY and extremely knowledgable....DR.Ive got speedtech and love em also, always ready to talk to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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love my NX stuff,

Nitrous only makes your motor live less if you dont be on safe side, nitrous dont blow up motors the guy tuning the nitrous does.

For mine 200 shot, I retard timing 4 degrees per 100 shot of nitrous, I have a seperate fuel system for the nitrous and run 9lbs pressure (safe side) and I also run fuel saftey switch and wide open throttle switch. Safe tune up is better, fuel pressure, timing are major.
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Hammer is right the tunning or should i say lack of normally melts one down on the Short of it.

Just Keep in Mind NOS,Blowers ETC....No matter if they have the best tuner in the world dialing it in...Its still gonna wear out an engine Quicker then a normal aspirated engine..Much Quicker !

thats just what a bunch of extra power will do..thats why when i built my new 565 its more of an all muscle car with the ability to take on a smaller shot (200)..No huge gains expected from this...My logic behind this was run 5.60's/70's on motor or build it for all Nos and run high 30's/40's on pulling triggers and a 6 TEEN pig On motor...when i put it like this to myself my decision on which way to go was easy....bottom line your gonna have to give in one area to gain in another its all what you want to do and how fast you want to go....

if i were you i would decide this factor before i went forward with the NOS idea..

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yep i agree figure out if your motor will see nitrous and build accordingly,because if your combonation will be set according to your needs the first time around,your mistakes will be fewer.also dont do what i did and if using a plate order yourself a victor or super vic not a dart intake cause the cloverleaf flange interupts the air flow
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Default Bluebaugh Racing

First!!!! You need to make sure your motor will tolerate that much NOS (400 shot). Our Motor is built for Nitrous. Meaning the pistons and rings, etc...are meant for a nitrous application. There is much to learn. You might want to start out with the smaller shot until you have had a chance to ask more questions. Questions are cheaper than burnt pistons, heads, and burgered cylinder walls

The people here have given good advice. You need a colder plug, you need to take timing out. There is a window on nitrous between too rich and too lean- so start small with a safe recommendation. Learn how to read the fuel ring on the porcelin of the spark plug. A nitrous tune up will change with changing weather conditions and will not be the same from day to night. With consideration of a 400 shot, you may want to weigh the option of a fogger over a plate. Each cylinder will accept and burn the fuel differently depending on how it flows. THe fogger gives you more control becasue you can tune each cylinder with more or less depending on how its burning. A plate system dumps into the plenum and goes along with the flow offereing no control over lean cylinders.

A Nitrous motor is hard on pistons and rings, however with careful watch on the tune up, the motor will live. The more Nitrous you use, the more often you should tear the motor down and inspect for needed replacement items. The guys here running 175 shot may race all season. We tear our motor down after every race running 3 foggers and a viper.
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HaHa, i seen you on Pinks pass time great run something like 10.90 at 94 mph, i know you have run in the 7's but you really need to get your act together before you start giving advice to other people.


PS your wife is beautiful.

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