Never buy from Jim Edwards near Avon Indiana!!! Thief &

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Default Never buy from Jim Edwards near Avon Indiana!!! Thief &

We purchased a 95 Z28 Camaro from this guy this last September. His ad # was 1287762. Talked with him several times by phone quizing him on several areas of the car. I got the big line about how it was painted right down the road @ a shop near Indy--blablabla. About how they put different heads on the motor and did all the work to this car. Claims his buddy took the car down the track, not himself. It was represented to me as a low 10 second car on "motor alone" no NOS!!!! It's a mid 11 sec. car on motor. Worst part about all of this isn't even that he lied about how quick the car was----he sold it to me knowing it was broke!!! I took it down the track for some passes and everything seemed ok. Then it started making some nasty noises so it got put on the trailer. To make a long story short---the flexplate only had 5 bolts holding it to the crank(and barely at that) I eventually found that the 6th hole had a broken off tap in it. Good sportsmanship there now isn't it? I paid this idiot good $$$ for this car to. After it got fixed the right way--I advertised it for sale again. Hated the car by this point. A very nice (honest) fella out of Florida contacted me and said that was his old car and he built the whole thing. He forwarded me a video and some info----and sure as shit. It was his old car. He had painted it and everything. This punk I bought the car from did absolutely nothing with it!!! Except break it and pass it off. He had showed me pictures of a nova him and his dad supposedly built. Ya right. Even if that were true Jim, how proud do you think you daddy would be if he knew you screwed somebody over this way? Hell, maybe that's where you learned to be a snake. This is something that will never go away until he comes clean on it and squares up with me. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS CLOWN!!!!!! He is a loser and a thief!!! And if any of his buddys want to come on and back him, please do. I have the tap, paperwork, phone# and addy of the "real" builder, etc..........Scum bags and thiefs should be held accountable!!!! :twisted:
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