sbc head gaskets

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Default sbc head gaskets

runing a blown sbc ,4.165 bore using a copper gasket, oring block,no water. as you know, the middle cylinders3,5 and 4,6 do not have good leakage with the exhaust valves together. Has ayone tried to use the multi-layer ,cametic gaskets, on a blown sbc with better leakage results, thanks
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We have had the best luck with copper gaskets,O ringed block with receiver grooves in the heads.for us the cometic didn't work as well.
I assume you have water in the heads,if so install a shrader valve in the cooling system,get a 26 lb cap and pump the pressure up to 26 lbs with air it will help keep bubbles from forming on the back of the combustion chamber walls and that will help prevent detonation which is causing your leakage. Ceramic coating the combustion chambers helps a lot as well. Bill
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i have run a blown alky 383 for a couple years with sce copper head gaskets with only a o ring in the block, it has dart pro1s also. Even reused the same copper ones all 3 years... each time i sealed em with more permatex. I have now retired the motor and drive it on the street with the o rings and felpro 4.165 bore head gaskets with no problem.
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I use the rubber coated copper gaskets from Flatout, no sealers needed.
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Good thread, i had run SCE copper gaskets with o'rings and reciever grooves in the heads with 1471 blown 358" alcohol s/blk with no problems, except i melted down a piston and cracked the blk.(no port nozzles).

But now i'm going back with a 383" with same setup except port nozzles included. But my question is has anyone tried the (SCE Titans) with the o'ring imbedded in the copper. I know that they are successful with turbo's running as much as 30lbs. boost SCE has said i shouldn't have any problems unless i run more than 30% nitro. My plan is to not run blk o'rings in the new blk or reciever groove, since i have cut the heads to remove them.

Just curious if anyone in the blown alcohol group has tried this.

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