Question on backing the rocker arms off.

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Default Question on backing the rocker arms off.

I was watching a friend take his rocker arms loose for the winter.He didn't take the spark plugs out and was turning the engine to get pressure off of each rocker and when he got one side finished the starter wouldn't turn the engine over it locked.So he took the spark plugs out of the side that was finished and not the side he had left to do.And he proceeded to take the rest of the rockers loose.I asked him if that would hurt anything and he said no it should be fine.So my question to everyone is will that not hurt anything.It is a BBC and is around 15.1.Thanks
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In my opinion, he should have oiled down the cylinders, then pulled the spark plugs and and backed off the rockers and reinstalled the plugs to keep the moister out, but i quess if it did'nt shell the flywheel or starter, it probably didn't bend any rods, but it definately could have.


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just curious - why do you think it would bend rods?
the compression is the same when it runs

should have taken the plugs out/ then the engine would have turned over a lot easier with less stress on the starter
just my opinion
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I've never backed off rockers over the winter. Just turned the crank 90 degrees every few worries
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