Obama's effect on our sports;

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Default Obama's effect on our sports;

This is taken from another board I frequent and the writer has been very well connected in Northwest motorsports marketing for eons.


I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine in Fresno. We were talking about the 09 season and he told me he's been dealing with Madera Speedway for the schedule next season. The promoter told him that he has already made his sponsor propoals for the track for 09 and that it looked like things were coming along fine. Then he got a call from Pepsi and was told that everything was on hold until after the election. Pepsi then said that their attorneys had been pouring over the Obama Tax Plan and it was their belief that under Obama, "sports marketing" would no longer be a tax write off based on advertising. Apperently that has also been an issue for the marketing rights to Yankee Stadium. The stadium is scheduled to be done for 09 and they are having the same struggle.

I have been very vocal here about my beliefs and I also have no way of proving this to be true. But, it is not internet fodder and was not found on Fox News as you libs would think. If this is true, you can kiss all motorsports as we know it good bye. Also Pro Athletic Sports would suffer extremely.

Here's a point I think we all need to look at. We do know for a fact that this man has told us he will tax the wealthy. That is a fact. OK, I'm not wealthy so it probably isnt going to affect me right? How is he going to fund these programs that he wants. He is going to have to make major changes in the way things are done. According to the attorneys at Pepsico they think Obama looks at "sports marketing" as a loop hole in the tax logs. I am continuing to investigate this and I have several calls out to try and help substantiate it...my own contact at Pepsi...I will keep you posted. Flame away libs
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I wish I knew the answer. But I do know this: One of the owners of the Miami Dolphins is wanting to sell like 55% of the football team prior to Obama possibly getting in office. If he sells now (he is 84 I think) he believes that he will save somewhere around 33 Million avoiding the OBama plan. Keep in mind this is a very generous man that gave around 100 million dollars to various charatees... he said he wants to be in contol of who & where that money is allocated to... he will put it to better use... istead of giving it to the GOVERNMENT. Soooo, his Sports affiliation is certainly not exempt from the Messiah's plan.
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