Economy affecting racers

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Default Economy affecting racers

I've noticed several racers are selling their race cars or parts cheap.I have friends that race dirt cars and they are only buying used parts to continue competing at their level and with the rising costs for new parts this seems a logical way to stay on the track.I have been selling used parts to my engine builder so some of his customers are able to finish their motors.
I'm just wondering what die hard drag racers are doing to help save costs on keeping their cars on the track
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Pray nothing breaks, I just keep going.
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Racers will always find a way to make the next race. There are going to be the small percentage that walk away, but they will be back. Some people have parted with or parked the multiple cars and went back to the basics. I don't think people are giving up 100% and walking away, I just think they are adjusting to what they can do right now and waiting to see what tomorrow brings.
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i agree with shawn here about people cutting gack on multiple cars..i have seen this among several local racers..including myself..not that economy was the deciding factor but have to admit it was a final deciding factor.

but overall racing is still strong locally...

PAR racing engines in Spartanburg S.C. is still having customers wait in line.
In My opinion a this is a TRUE testament to how dedicated racers are to their sport.

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Default racing

well i for one went with the selling of older or unused spare parts.and just because we have a great sponsor we still have to answer to them especially on travell cost!sometimes i wish we didnt have the big rig and big trailer!!! just to register the tractor was almost 500 bucks and the trailer was almost 200.00 not to mention 4.25 a gallon for diesel!!! luck has it we havent hurt anything big this year,but the year isnt over!as most of you guys and gals were in it for the long haul! i dont have a "hobby" just a obsession with going fast! anyway cost are cost no matter what kind of race car ,race track, cost is cost. heck just to go race at our local track it cost over a couple hundred bucks to go! man i think were in the wrong buisness! just my 2 cents worth! mike in the desert
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I live in western PA near Lernerville Speedway which is a 1/2 mile oval dirt track. I don't attend Lernerville, but keep up with the results in the local paper. Many of the racers who run for points at Lernerville don't run any of the other dirt tracks concentrating on 1 track closest to their homes only racing 1 night per week rather than 3 nights per week. The normal car count last year for the 4 divisions at Lernerville was maybe in the 120 area. I've seen the car count down in the 90's this season, especially if there is rain in the forecast. And towards the end of the season, many just stopped coming knowing they wouldn't finish the season in the money.
I help out on a T/S car and early in the year we had big plans of running at 4 different tracks this season in Q8 races. But as the economy soured we kept cutting back our plans and ended up running the Door Warz only at PRP. The payout this season was bumped up and last year we always had a decent car count for the series. This season was horrible as far as car counts. We always had racers tow in from Ohio to run with us, but not this season. I think at 3 of the 6 events we only had 8 cars.
And just looking at the overall car count at the track, I could see folks just aren't racing as much as they did in the past.
So yes, I believe the economy is affecting the racer as well as the spectator. The next 3-5 years will prove interesting as to how the organizations adapt to getting the racer to the track and spectators in the stands.
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The one good thing about the sloooow economy is I bought some good used parts cheap!! I sold a motor and took a big loss, but it worked out in the long run. It's taking me a lot longer to build my new motor, but I want have near as much $ in it as I would have 2 years ago!
Overall truck count is way down for us too, but some tracks are still doing well. Like most of you I get tired of hearing how bad it is, but I undersatnd it is reality for a bunch of people!!
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I drag race and I haven't noticed a real big drop off at my track. I think drag racers are maybe cutting back on the amount of times they might go to the track in a month. The other big thing for the local tracks I think more guys are staying closer to home than going to a track thats across the state or more. The gas/fuel for our tow vehicle costs more than the race fuel I use in a day at the track!
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Out here in Id E Ho we ran on the last of the fumes for the '08 season. Good car counts all summer and many hit the road to a lot of tracks. All our car shows had great car counts also, many out of towners as well. I expect next season to really see a big drop in car counts and out of town racing and show going. However there is still a lot that can or will not happen between now and then ! Live for today and live the Golden Rule ! Help out your neighbor !
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