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Default Converting to Disc

I want to replace my stock drum brakes on a 67 Camaro with disc brakes. There seem to be quite a few kits out there. I would appreciate any feedback on any of them.
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The Wilwood kit is very nice and a piece of cake to install...uses the drum brake spindle and comes with everything you need (except MC and prop valve)and you can do it in one good Saturday...Just did my NOVA but have not ran it yet. Very light weight too compared to the drums

I am talking about the fronts FYI. Never done the rears yet.
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I bought a bracket from a company called Scarebird. They provided me with a steel bracket that bolted up to the drum spindle, I used a corvette rotor and a willwood caliper. this was for my Chevy II. the brakcet was @ 100 the rotors were @ 100 and the calipers I bought on ebay and rebuilt them @100.

They have other brackets available that use stock calipers here is the link

click on products and then click on you car
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Just finished my '69 Camaro conversion. NPD has a kit that has EVERYTHING needed in it to do the job, does not inc. the master cylinder/booster or prop valve. My brakes work great, I did not replace my prop valve or m/c, I have no booster.

Street Bandit Disc Brakes is what they call the kits.

67-69 Standard spindles $449.95 C-5800P-1A (NPD part number)
67-69 2" drop spindles $539.95 C-5800P-2A

Booster/Master cylinder kit $249.95 C-4901P-21A

No, I don't work for them. I actually think they sort of suck, but that is the best deal I have seen on brake conversions. Good luck, let us know how it works out. That is my car in the picture.

Man, I got to damn much time on my hands!!
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i like areospace,i have them on my 3200lb malibu that run 6.0's in the 1/8th & it stops with no problem.jmo
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