E85 carb ?

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Default E85 carb ?

What has to be done to the metering blocks to run e85? I know that the jets have to be about 30% bigger and float needs to be changed. What else needs to be changed? :?
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look here http://members.tccoa.com/392bird/carbtech.htm
or here http://e85forum.com/index.php
or here http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/forums/index.php
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what compression ratios are being used on E85?
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Default comp. ratio

I have a sbc with around 13:1.
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another place to get info is at e85performance.net. not a lot of peeps on there yet but some of the guys have some pretty fast rides.
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E85 is 105 octane, so you can get by with 13.0:1 if you have a good cam, as for info, give John dickey a call at AED, he can tell you what they all do, basically the "E85 is built the same way as the alcohol carbs.
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I switched my car to E85 this season and have had very good success. I had mike at Avanti Performance set up an old school 850 DP and it works great. He machined off the choke horn, drilled and tapped for screw in air bleeds and did all needed mods and set it up on his test motor in house and it worked very well right out of the box. Total cost was just over $350. The carb was acid dipped and looks like a new one! check him out avantiperformaceproducts.com
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Default e85 questions

I switched my 12.5 comp 377 to E85 a year ago and it works great.I was told that the limit is 13.1 comp with pump E85.The E85 i have been buying here in Arizona has been testing at 90%.
I purchased a kit from quick fuel tech. in Bowling green Ky. It had metering blocks 130 needles and seats,air bleeds,and brass floats.also the squirters need to go up about 4 sizes or so.I also use Comp cams Max jets that are numbered by the sized in thousands.
The rest of the fuel system needs to be alky compatible.
The car picked up 3 10ths and 3mph so far and seems to be more consistant and run cooler. The car was on the Tucson pinks all out.
The guys at Quick fuel can help you with any tuning questions or parts you need.
Chevyhighperformance.com has a article on there web site from the Aug 08 issue about changing a carb to E85.
I hope this helps with any questions.My e-mail is [email protected] i can answer any questions or point you in the right direction.I hope this helps.
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