Needs rear view mirrors

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Default Needs rear view mirrors

I got this from the HAMB site. Ouch!!

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ouch !!
i remember watching my dad race oh 10-15 years ago. Burnout box was against a wall, starting line guy had 2 cars back up from the line. 2 cars in the box didnt fair to well in that one either.
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O'ya that hurts.
The same thing happened last year at our airport races. A guy with a 68' Camaro backed into a dragster ripping the dragsters nose cone right off. The Camaro had some damage to his wheelie bars. Mist communications with the Camaro's pit crew,not a good thing. There were a few words but no fists.
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I backed into the 55 gallon drum that they use to keep the water in for the burnout box one time....pushed in my master disconnect switch :shock: Took quite a few seconds to figure out why my car wouldn't re-fire even so much as crank ops: My reaction sucked on that pass...couldn't stop laughing :mrgreen:

P.S. Yes we tread water to the water box...backwoods track ain't got running water that close to the line yet!!!Toilets flush fine,though...most the time ops:
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