proper driveline angle?

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Default proper driveline angle?

I have a 69 camaro and I was wondering what the proper driveline angle should be?
My car is a back halfed chassis car( firewall back) which looks like a home made job, the motor is set back about 6 inches from the stock location and it has a front and midplate set-up. Motor is a BBC with a powerglide tranny which is not stock.
I aquired the car on a trade so I dont know much history on the car other than what the guy told me as he handed me a 1 1/2 inch spacer he said to put under the tranny mount and when I asked why? he said, Quote "it didn't look right without it" End quote.
I decided to bolt everything up and see what it looked like without the spacer and well he was right, it dont look right.
The drievshaft comes out of the tranny at almost a straight line angle with the rearend or a slightly upward angle. Most driveshaft angles I remember seeing have a downward angle towards the rearend.
So what if I run the car like it is? Will it break something? or will it just cause a vibration?
Do I need to use that spacer? I've already mounted the front and mid plate mounts and have everything bolted together. I tried to raise up the tranny to try and stick that spacer in there but the tranny wouldn't move up , I suppose because of the midplate mount. Do I need to unbolt the midplate form the chassis and raise the tranny, put the spacer in there and redrill the holes for the midplate mount? Or do I need to take the car to someone who knows more about this kinda stuff and set-it up properly? I build my own motors and stuff but I dont build cars so I'm really not sure.
I have alot of money invested in this car and dont want to tear something up my first time out.
Thx in advance for any input on this, Charles
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Charles , It needs to end up with 2degrees of driveline angle, How low does this car sit? The best way to do this is put the car up on jack stands (with the stands under the diff, and the frt control arms ), to put the weight onto the suspension. what ever the driveshaft angles at coming out of the trans, thats the angle you need for it to be at the differential.You need to do what ever will make this happen!!! Get it to be a couple of degrees at each end .Thats how Ive done it and it works great!!!If you dont want to do it take it to someone else . Good luck, David.
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