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Default Glide

Just got to the Point where i had my son out Cleaning out the Trailer getting Ready to Load the Car?
I have a New Car,69 Camaro 482 BBC,T/Ram,Roller Motor with a P/Glide!
I Purchased the Car,Turn-Key.I have been going over things since it got here about 2-Wks ago!
I Noticed that there was alot of Build-Up of Dirt and Grease around the frt.of the Trans Pan and rear of the Oil Pan.So,1 of the Things that i Replaced was the (Rubber Trans Cooler Lines)and a Good cooler with a Fan.Once the Lines were removed,i sprayed the Area where the Lines go into the Trans and Installed new AN Fittings.
I pulled the Car out of thge Shop and let it warm up for about 10 min.just to check for the usual stuff,didnt see anything?So i had to run to Town,and when i came back i Noticed a Puddle of Trans Fluid,directly where the Lines go into the Trans???SO,.........i pull the Upper Fitting which is NOT Fun to get to?I did Light the Motor again to deturmine that the Leak was coming from the upper fitting.Reinstalled them with Teflon and Now the Leak is WORSE!!Yep,the Upper Fitting Port is CRACKED!
Heres the Question,have any of you Guys Welded these with say a GOOD Result?
I realy do NOT have a Choice?The Tunnel comes out,with the Removel of about 60-70 Pop Rivets?Yep,some Dzus Tabs are in Order for the Tunnel!
Talk about a BUMMER,been Hitting this Car for 2-Wks Straight,and this SUCKS!!!
Only other Alteretive is a Aftermarket Case?Not that, thats a Bad Thing?But,my Funds have takin a Beating here Lately!So,if theres No Easy Fix?My Deal is Done again..........?Just cant Catch a Break!
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Default leak

Man that does suck. Teflon a no no. I dont know if it would work, but if it was mine,I would grind it out with a die grinder or some thing. Then I would try JB weld OR epoxy. whatever would work on alum? HEAD guys help? Then put the same thing on the fitting and let it all dry. I may be wrong, but I was told that there is only like 10 lbs of pressure there. :?:
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You could do as topcat said for a quick fix and its what I would do to get out as soon as I could.

But the best way to do it is take it out and see if someone can weld it and just get it fixed now. If ya get it all stuck together and it leaks again your going to be even worse off then now.
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I would try to find another stock case. There was a guy on ebay selling them for $75 a piece and had like 200 of them. I would do that first before I went to an aftermarket case. And working on a glide is alot simpler than most think. You can try to band-aid it for now but I am not sure it's going to work or if it does for how long. Sorry for the thrashing on it for weeks and still have more to do. :x
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Have you seen a crack, or are you going by the fact that it is still leaking? I have seen this before and replacing the brass line adapter going into the case fixed it. This is assuming the fittings are still in the tranny...
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Default Trans

I pulled the Trans Today,and Welded it UP!
It Welded SWEET!!!!
But after a few other Minor Probs.its almost ready?About 1/2 hour and fill it up and see what Happens?
It was DEFFINATELY CRACKED!!I drilled a 3/16 hole at the end of the Crack,ground out the rest like a Ditch a WELDED the S#!+ out of it!It looks Fine,but i wil let it set allnight and Cool and give it a Hit in the MORNING?
We had a 2-Day Race up North of Me this Weekend,but to go off Half-COCKED just is NOT RITE!Next Weekend is a National Event,so maybe a Something else will be avalible?
G 8)
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