NOS w/o a nitorus converter.... what will happen?

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Default NOS w/o a nitorus converter.... what will happen?

I have a "Boss Hog" brand 3000 stall converter. Rated to handle 800 hp and my engine should be pushing 700 hp. I was going to use a 150 - 200 hp nitrous kit on my car.

The converter does not have the anti-balloon ring and it not nitrous specific - so when I give it a shot after launching and above 3000 rpm what will happen? Will it damage anything or just not get full potential?

Just some notes - car is 2800 lbs w/ me, 4.11 gears, th400 trans, 496 pump gas motor.
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i don't know anything about the Boss Hogg converters, but at the same time i don't know any converter company that rates their converters to 800 HP without having anti balloon plates, 700 hP can easily damage a converter without anti balloon plates.


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boss hogg is alabama convertor co they do not recommend any n2o if it is not a n2o convertor you can maybe launch at 75 shot without hurting it and step it in as you go ed
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I don't wanna say this,but I don't wanna not help someone out when I can.I sprayed a ton(like well over 150 10lb bottles)thru a bbc in high school and didn't have a nos converter and never had any problems either..That's the good news.Bad news is the Boss Hogg converter.When I started running at the track,instead of the street,I got myself one of those babies,price was right!$250 for a brand new 3500 stall!Can't beat that with a stick!!Converter turned out to be a real flop.Had so much slippage that it would make over 100 degrees of temp rise in one 1/8 mile pass :shock: Leave the line with basically no heat on the gauge and go thru the lights with almost a 200 degree tranny!Sometimes hotter!Just thought it was the nature of a stall converter,never had owned one before,found out otherwise.Cost me a tranny!Not making fun of your parts at all,just had real bad luck with that converter.So have all my buddies and the local speed shop refuses to sell them now.Like I said,not picking on your parts selection at all.Just hate to see you go down the same road I did.Good luck
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Default NOS convertor

Check out Jeff Prock @ Applied Nitrous....He has a new product for using nos with a non nos converter....
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When you blow up a converter 9 out of 10 times it takes the rear main bearing with it. If you have the $$$$ buy the right converter just my 2 -cents Troy C
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Default Converter

The torque converter is definitely not the place to skimp. There are alot of good converter suppliers out there. Probably the cheapest way to is to buy a good used one and send it to a reputable manufacturer and have them set it up to suit your car. Supply them with all the info and let them do their job. Trying to buy a converter that wasn't set up for your vehicle is a crap shoot at best and moronic most of the time. JMO.
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Your getting a lot of good advice here on RJ.

Just remember the difference from the street to the drag strip is even on a bad night you are going to hook 50 percent better at the track than when your on the street. When that power tries to unload that poor lil converter is gonna scream in dire pain. You'll get a few runs and just maybe you won't ops:

There are a lot of good converters out there for nitrous applications, Coan & Yanks are the 2 brands I use.
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I agree, if you have the money get the right converter. Converters are very important. If you run spray on a loose converter,(one not for spray) it will just blow through the converter and basically all that will happen is slippage and time loss. One more thing it is hard to get the best of both worlds converter wise. I mean if you have a nos converter your car will take off sluggish off the line on motor. If you have a converter not designed for nos then it will slip.
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