Mark williams axles ??????

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Default Mark williams axles ??????

Im buying a new set of 35 spline axles for my Nine inch.Im up around the 1200hp mark in a 632BBC with a 2700Lbs car.Im thinking about Mark williams but also Strange are on the back of my mind. Are Mark Williams hi-torque axles really worth the extra $200usd over the Strange Hy-tuff axles.Let me know what you guys think????????
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Default MW

In my opinion either is fine. MW is more pricey, but what brand spool are You running. What I dont see is why You running 35 spline with that weight and horse power. I may be over kill but I went 40 spline all strange with 800 hp in a dragster. If Your buying new axles, and have a large enough 3rd member and housing ends, I would get the spool to match and move up. I turned away from a few high HP cars because of the 35 spline setup. Thats just me plus I think it will be worth more if You try to sell it. :wink: You can always sell the old spool and recoup some money. 8)
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Default Bluebaugh Racing

I would definetly go with Mark Williams. I must also agree with 40 spline for a 1200 hp 632

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35 spline MW or strange is well enough for 1200hp.they say that the 35 spline have handled 2000hp before so whats the point in the extra weight.Im running a Strange 35 spline pro race spool.i dont think i will never go above that HP mark so 35 spline will do me fine. I am just trying to justify the price differance between the two as they both sound the same
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I don't think there is justification in the price difference, it's just different inhouse processing. I knew Bob Strange in the early 70's when we were both in the machine shop business in the Chgo area. He's been making parts a long time, and in fact i would stack his parts against anyone's. also if you notice he also has a thicker flange on his new axles. I got 35's in my Malibu, it used to have a 1000 hp B/Blk now a 600 hp s/blk. It weighs over 3200lbs with driver.


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Mark Williams is one of the best out there.

I do agree with all these guys on the 40 spline no doubt, if your getting them upgrade to gun drilled 40 spline. Your good to go then, not the best place to cut corners.
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i know i'm a little different than u street guys, but look at what i turn. 44" tires off a trans brake at 5,000 with 860hp. and how often do you jump yours 3 or 4 feet in the air like we do!! 3rd member, ring and pinion, axle housing and 35 splines are all strange and are pretty dang tough for the money!!
never ran mark williams, but i know it's good stuff too, but pricey.
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I have 40 spine gun drilled MW axles that are 13 years old ...never had a problem with them
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