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Default Dana 60

I have a Dana60 in a 69 Camaro w/ 488's. I want to change to 411 or 373 (more street use than strip). I have never done a R&P. Does the Dana60 have a carrier or 3rd member sytle? I think it would be great if I could have a 488 & 373 set up instead of having to change the R&P. I would apprecaite any opinions & feed back on this job I have never attempted... I am sure there are many "do's & don'ts"... but I really should start learning about gears/axles/blah blah blah... I am sure with my luck, I will eventually break it anyways. Thanks everyone.
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Default Dana 60

Ive ran the same Dana under 5 different cars and used everthing from a 4.11 to a 6.17. I guess You call it a carrier type. Ive used all Richmond gears and they all set up within a couple thousands of each other. I just bought a new pinion bearing for every new gear set and left them on. 2nd I set mine up putting the shims behind the race, not behind the pinion bearing as some do. Swapped out ratios by just installing the old pinion, and the carrier bearings were even close enough without changing side shims. No failures, even Katrina couldnt kill it. Good Luck :lol: P.S. If You have a 4 series chunk, I dont think You will be able to use the 3.73s, if You have a 3 series, You may or may not need a spacer for the 4.11s :wink:
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dana's are a little different to do than a 10 or 12 bolt & even a 9",but its the same perinsible. best think i could tell to do is get a book( or on the net) on setting up rearends.it isn't rocket science but you can mess some stuff up and waste time and money if you don't know what your doing.alot of time you can find local guys to set one up for $150.00 or $200.00 but if at all possible do it your self you'll have more pride it at the very least 8) .good luck.
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my first differential was a 10 blt rebuilt with help from a video from
Richmond gear, they cover all differentials once you understand how it
works and what is more likely to fail, gives torque specs, race/bearing
replacement, good video to have, or a service manual from the manufacture, for that year of vehicle with that dana in it, the ones
in the part stores don't realy show much. richmond gear or strange
has parts to beef up the bazooka, good luck :wink:
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