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Default while IM complaining

I may as well point them all out while Im at it--I bought the Crane Rollercam off ad# 1186821--(the one guaranteed to be cm138871) It was suppost to be a 650/650 & its a 595/595 so old I had to go directly to comp Cams to find out what it was?? He did assure me he had the right cam but as soon as I pursued it he went in the hospital & will be there for another 3 weeks--Im asking myself,what could he possibly have that could keep him in the hospital for 3 weeks? First off he must have some GOOD INSURANCE!!-I was only in for 6 days with cancer?? I wouldnt buy anything off this ad,He ships whatever he has & becomes invisable--I have done alot of buying & selling on this site & anyone that has done business with me knows I ship the sameday I recieve payment & infact have shipped before recieving payment & I send what they pay for--I even refunded a set of heads the guy changed his mind on-Not many folks do that--I also make my honer payments which is something lots of folks neglect to do--Look at some members that have been members as far back as 2003 & have never made a payment?? Enough said,Im sure the points made--
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3 wks is a short time for them to pull my right foot out of his A$$. The seller is nothing more than a scammer.

If you sell something that is not as posted, broke, damaged ect and you ship it your still a scammer. Just because people ship some bent rod, busted up wheel, crushed oil pan does not mean they did not scam someone.

Easy way to sell a part... if you would not put it back on your car then in the trash it goes. I bet I throw away better things then are sold on here sometimes.

If you run your motor and bend a rod odds are the rest are on the way out so don't find one to add and sell them as 8 good rods low miles....

This poor guy above had his money stolen from him. No other way to look at it.
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