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Default problems... help

I am having problems with either the fuel setup... or the ignition, I think. (maybe even timing chain?)
Starting out... car weighs 3600 lbs, was going 12.15's
I installed a fuel pressure guage and noticed my fuel pump was only putting out 3 psi through the trap...
installed a new fuel pump (mechanical) and it flows plenty and it regulated down to 6 psi currently. When first intalled, it flowed so much fuel, it was shooting gas 6 inches out of the vent tube. Got this to stop by backing off the pressure and making an adjustment on fuel bowl levels.
1st trip to the track with this setup, car ran good enough to destroy my rear end. This has been replaced.
Now, here are the symptoms(all new problems)....
1) starts really hard and has to crank quite a bit.
2)will not idle for more that 20 seconds
3)completly blackens and soaks brand new plugs in 2 minutes of running
4) backfires and pops during acceleration and deceleration
5)sluggish revving up
6) smokes out the tailpipes and runs extremely rich
here's the thing, when I put new plugs in, all of this stops... no smoking, idles fine,
runs strong, plugs only very slightly darkened.... shut it off start it back up, everything comes back... plugs are fouled out everything runs like crap.
have msd 6al and pro-billet with 50k volt coil.
jets are same since changes made bowls are set right.
any help would be greatly appreciated

383 stroker w/th400

Intake Manifold: weiand team g
Plane Type: Single Plane
Intake Carburetor Mounting Flange: Square Bore
Deck Height: Tall Deck

Carburetor Brand: demon
CFM: 850
Carburetor Mounting Flange: Square Bore
Transmission Type: Automatic
Overdrive: No
Fuel Pump Brand: holley
Gallons per Hour (GPH): 210
Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): up to 14.... currently set at 6 psi
Fuel Line Size: 10 AN


Cam Brand: comp
Valve Lift Intake and Exhaust: .643/.652
Advertised Duration: 306
Lobe Separation: 106
Camshaft/Lifter Type: Solid/Mechanical Flat
Computer Controlled: No
Emissions Legal: No

Compression Ratio: 12.5:1

Cylinder Head Brand: Dart
Cylinder Head Material: Cast Iron
Combustion Chamber Volume (CCs): 64cc
Intake and Exhaust Runner Volumes (CCs): 225cc
Intake Valve Size: 2.08
Exhaust Valve Size: 1.60
Port/Polish: nope
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.6:1
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Sounds fuel related to the fuel in the sight glass staying at the right level........if not needle and seat sticking...seen this many times but it should be flooding out of the carb if this happens....i just usually just whack the top of the needle and seat outside of the carb with a rubber hammer and it unsticks.........if this is not the problem maybe your fuel pressure gauge is out to wack as the needle and seat prssure is usually no higher then 7 psi as it will lift the seat and flood the you have a power valve in the front or the back as if one screws up it will flood the carb.....not sure if this will help just a few things to check
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Sounds like maybe a power valve busted or started leaking.Check the valve,or if you don't run one,check that the gasket for it isn't leaking.I prefer the teflon rings over the paper gaskets.Also,make sure the gasket didn't fall off center of the valve/plug and let it leak.Not that hard of a mistake to do,especially when making those track-side thrashes.But that is just one of many ways to idle too rich.Check the little things,too.Idle mixture,fuel pressure(again) and leaking needle and seat can force fuel in enough to cause that problem without actually loading up.Just my opinion,but that's where I'd start.
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Okay,I must type slow.There was no replies when I started typing and when I got done Fishman done said everything I did,basically. ops: :lol:
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next time open a can of spinich and smoke the keys, poyeye :lol:
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Good one!!!
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