68 chevelle hooking issues

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Default 68 chevelle hooking issues

CAR- 68 chevelle BBC stock type suspension all steel except hood and weighing in at 3150 w/driver.
currently using 30x9 hoosier bias on 10" wide rims
anti-roll bar
(old) competition engineering 3 way shocks all the way around.
front end travel all out.
car 60 foots 1.40 to 1.50 depending on hook and weather.

the car seems to be spinning the tires right on the launch.

I leave at 4000 on the brake the motor seems not to like anything smaller.

As ive noticed in the last two outings the car is consistantly spinning about .04 off the 60 foots.
The reason i know is come sometimes it wants to plant the tires and haul the mail. I can usually feel it when it does it cause it carries the front wheels about 15 foot out.
I've been lucky and gone a few rounds thanks to r/t's and just the feeling on the bottom of my pants.

This is a fairly new combo for this car as it use to have a SBC.

There are a couple things i know that need to be done. Had the a-arm bushing replaced and they have not been de-burred. Also someone also mentioned putting new front springs in possibly going with moroso trick fronts. But i love the way the car sets but i guess that doesnt win you races. Could i still get the same ride hieght with a differnt (heavier spring.)
Could also put another battery in the back for weight transfer help.

Anyone know of weight savings and benefits of going to a new tubular style a arms with coil-over combo??

i have farted around with tire pressure going from 14 all the way to 9 (heavy cars dont like 9 p.s.i. by the way

tryed doin diferent style of burnouts....

all this with the same outcome.

I know the is something that needs changing on the front just would like yall opinion on this before i go spending hard earned money.

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Default 68 chevelle

Do you have adjustable control arms in the rear. Now is that tire a foot print size or size on the side wall of the tire. I can fit a 12.5 x 30 on a 10" rim on my 72 Chevelle. Is the pinion angle set , might change to coil overs in the rear.
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How does the car sit?
How much distance between the lower control arm bumpstop and the frame?

You need to get those front control arms to be free.......Stock rubber bushings will get by but you need to grease them up and grind off the serrations.

How old are the tires?
You might even try more than 14psi.
Are they stiff sidewall slicks?

Have you ever just tried footbraking it?

More info would help......engine, trans, converter, gear, etc. etc.

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Default Launching your Chevelle

Remove your front sway bar. This will allow the front end to come up quickly. You need more front end travel to plant the rear tires down. Also, invest in the drag shocks. You will be good to go with drag shocks and the removal of the sway bar.
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you need aftermarket rear bar if you don't have them ,the old ones will twist and bend even if you plate them,front sway bar needs to go ,if you are running rear coil springs they need to be trick springs with air bag on right side,get new shocks( i used koni on mine).my small hoosiers less burnout the better (just a haze of smoke).if all else fails backhalf it :wink: .good luck
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