oil pan suggestions

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Default oil pan suggestions

my nova is getting a rack and pinion installed, which gives me alot of options for oil pans. Im considering a full length sump pan. which one should I get? have you guys had good results with a particular one?
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well its sort of like how much you wanna spend..lol..

Moroso puts out a good pump/pan combo..very economical and works well..i ran one of these conbo's on my 511ci..and will also run it on my 565ci

but if you want a Cadilac and money is no option..the Jeff johnson fabbed two piece pan is the STUFF...pan bolts up like any other pan, but the bottom portion can be taken off and on without having to take pan off the motor..perfect for inspections and minor repairs without having to do major surgery...you can also go with a titan pump..they can make a port/plug in side of pan where you can get to the pump and adjust oil pressure.....

so its sort of what works for you....you can get out for as little as $300 or $1800

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Like was said. How good do you want? How good in quality does your budget allow?

I am a Titan WD and also a Williams Performance Fabrication WD. I earned it by continual buying for years. I consider those both to be the very best available for a wet sump system with pump in the pan. I consider the Williams pan and covers to be the best anyone has period. I love the Jeff Johnson Billet Fabrications oil pans and consider them to be among the best available I just like the Williams even better. Once you see a Mickey Williams Oil pan and all the extreme quality aluminum fabrication quality and engineering, you will fall in love with them.

The two piece designs are available through either Jeff or Mickey but are not always the best for all purposes.

In the lower price ranges the Renegade from Motorville are not bad but use either a Milodon or Moroso bolt on pickup with it. In the lower price ranges The old good Melling oil pumps of years gone by is not available. No one in my opinion currently has a good oil pump available in the below $100 price range. Perhaps the CVR as sold from Competition Products but it is also not cheap.

Look around.
Look around.

I can get you either one. I am Jobber at Billet Fab and WD at Williams.

Titan Pumps

Competition Products


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Default oil pan

If you have a stock front stub, you may also have to do some work on the cross member for a full sump pan to clear. Does the car have plates in it
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Default Oil pan-pump-pickup suggestions needed.

I'm new to this site, so i'm going to toss this up in the air & see what possibilities/ideas I receive.

Running a restored S&W '23 T altered (7.50 cert) at nostalgia meets. Hilborn/406 production block that has been clearanced for a 4" stroker and aluminum rods. Right now I have 3.75" & Manley 6" aluminum rods, but these have outlived there usefullness and are being replaced with Scat H beam/L-19 rods. Engines built for longevity, not pure h/power. Exhibition runs only, ocassional Sunday T&Tune. No threat of breaking cert specs.

Read & reread this thread & all the others with interest & I have come up with the following. Don't fret, i'm able to take constructive criticism very well :>).

Pans: Milodon #31145 or 31170. These are full length pans, as car is open tube framed. Stef's # 1020BC pan. Sump depths are in order... 7 1/2"... 7 3/4"... and 8" for the Stefs.

Pumps: Milodon only offers a pickup for the std. sbc pump, M55HV :>( I have 2 personal choices to choose from. The CVR # CVROP65575 that works with 7 1/2" sump or the Moroso 22137 or 22144, depths of 7 1/8" and 7 1/2". Both Moroso's are HV/ 3/4" pickups. Stefs only offers Mellings. Engine is put together "tight".

A very important piece of info... the pan rail is "extremely" thin, due to stroker/rod clearancing! Must use stroker pan to get pan rail aligned.

Take aim, fire away and be gentle. One good quick clean shot should do the trick :>)

Thanks a bunch

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