North Carolina is going after streetrodders!

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Default North Carolina is going after streetrodders!

I bought a 1956 F100 3 months ago. The truck has a 351 auto with a Volare front end. NC is going to make me register it as a 2008 Custom reconstructed vehicle. After searching the web I found the link below. Seems like one of NC's finest DMV commissioners got his buddy an antique vehicle tag for his 1937 Ford which is what set this ridiculous law in play. The officer came out to take pictures of the truck and ask lots of questions about what had been done to the truck. He needed the serial number off the engine so I pulled the starter off, took pictures of the ID number sent it to him. The 351 W is a 1972 model. He then told me I needed two appraisals from local car lots. Got them. Then he told me I needed an indemnity bond for the state of NC because it was an out of state modified vehicle. Got that. Then I had to fill out a two page document stating everything that has been done to truck. This document is to aid in my appeal. Got that and going to the drivers license office to get tags for my 2008 reconstructed vehicle tomorrow. Wonder haw they will tax it? 2008 rates? Then what about the emissions, seatbelts, etc? I can understand a 1932 glass car built this year but not vehicles that are 75% original.

This is a very unfair law that was caused by a DMV official who abused his power and now we are paying the price.

If any of you are in North Carolina and are having the same problem please contact me.

They tell me I can appeal it if I want to.

In the officers defense he has been very apologetic over this entire fiasco.

Read this stuff, Tatum threw his administrative assistant under the bus on this one!

"A replica 1937 Ford truck belonging to a friend of former Division of Motor Vehicles Commissioner George Tatum has led investigators to nearly 1,000 other vehicles that may have been misclassified as antiques in North Carolina based on fraudulent or nonexistent documentation"
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That's going to turn into a mess just trying to title a vehicle .
here in KY they passed a law that when you go to title or tag a vehicle you have to pay half of the trade in value in taxes it dont matter what you paid for it .
I just put a 89 Chev pick up in my name it cost me 163.00 dollars .

I know that a lot of states are cracking down on this kind of stuff they are losing there tax dollars.

But it sure is hell for the honest man just to register a car.
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Well, the news isn*t getting any better either. I am a NC native, I currrently have 6 classics, all are being taxed according to average in state sales price of same type vehicle (that is how the NCDMV explained it to me).

I bought a *69 Camaro last Labor Day week end, went to tag it, $880.00 dollars for taxes and tags!! Damn near fell over in shock!! I do not think I have EVER paid more than a couple hundred bucks to do this. Another way into the working mans* pocket!! :evil:
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Go to this site, check out the thread I started. Lots of good stuff. I joined SEMA (it's free! and tons of GREAT STUFF) , getting a letter together for Basnight, Owens and Easley.

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Default N.C.D.M.V.

Any which way they can get at us! I am living through absolute Hell here in the Red Bluegrass State! I know N.C. real well too! (I used to drive a big truck and got pulled into the Asheville scale house,under N.C. 0 alcohol law they confiscated my Scope,tooth paste,deodorant,and airline deicer!)

To get some "creations" licensed I have had to transfer out of State then bring them back in!
Here in Ky.they are doing the full court press to get anything older than 2005 off the roads.May God have mercy on your soul if you dare step out of the herd!

However it is fine to have Mud Bogs,Car Shows,Cruise Ins,Drag Races,where the Local Yocals make money. Just as long as it comes from some place else and all the riff-raff disappear afterwards.If of course you can slip through the prostrate exam of the Constabulary! (Another way of making Community monies,keep the jail full and the confiscated property coming in!
If nothing else happens the tow company makes a killing which they "share" with a select few officials.) Not to cast aspersions upon anyones
character.or the good ole buddy system!

We all need to get together to motivate change.Good Luck!
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