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This site seems to have an unusual amount of subscribers that after they solicit input and messages on their classifieds ie: trade for? You send a message with the possible trade information fitting the description of their interest and they just don't bother replying The just leave you hanging, so you don't know if it's been sold, they died or just not interested or even if they got the message or not. I have sent 6 replies to in the last week to people and not one response back . I lost interest in racingjunk about a year ago and stopped using it because of this very same situation and it looks like it has'nt changed... Maybe the moderators of the site should urge the people to be more responsible and responsive in the classifieds. I'm sure i am not the only one who has been frustrated by this.
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i have not sold anything on racingjunk but have bought plenty of
motor parts. in the event of calling and leaving messages, it took
a couple of days for some to call back and some emailed the same
day. and yes some never called me back to tell me it was sold, but
that is the way it goes sometimes, some sellers are just to busy to
check everyday and take a week to get back to you. What i did is
I only responded to ads that were in my state and could go and
inspect the parts before i bought them, and bought otherthings they
had for sale that i needed. but i can understand it gets fustrating,
and yes, there are plenty of people who are here to scam and not
interested in making a good sell, we should tar them with feathers
so we can see who they are :lol:
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Of those six ads replied to, did they have phone numbers? Most ads do and if so it is always better to pick up the phone. Coming from someone who has just been there, people for some reason are afraid to pick up the phone. I found that those who called were far more serious than those who messaged. Not saying that you aren't serious, just differentiate yourself and use the phone.
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I always reply. I have not sold any thing on here and most of the people that send messages just want pics. I will say when they call you they seem more interested.
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Agree with the phone route. My only angle with messaging first, maybe just gives a little more information to gauge whether a phone call is worth the cost. My wife screams about the phone bill as it is.

I too, have been frustrated with some of the ads. Some guys won't bother to either return emails or messages. You get the same thing locally. I've self limited to my state and the surrounding states just for economic reasons.
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i have had so many trade offers sent to me i reply then they never answer back. there have been a few offers i was really interested in too. after awhile i dont even want to send pics cause you hardly ever hear back out of those either..... :x
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I don't completely agree with with picking up the phone and calling in response to an ad unless the the ad urges you to do so. Sending a message is a good filter and can be addressed at your conveniance. In my business it is hardly ever a good time to stop what your doing and answer the phone, but through mesaging you can set up a time frame that is more conducive and or avoid the cost and inconvenience of an unwanted call. All I would urge people to do is police their messages in a timely manner and be courteous enough ro respond ie: yay or nay or might be interested!
I did a trade once after 2 weeks of negotiating and messaging and finally made a deal with one individual and 2 days later I recieved a message from a person that had exactly what I was looking for and wanted to trade but because of my committment to the prior deal I did not ,when I ask him whay he didn't respond earlier he said he just doesn't chaeck his messsages that often...
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When I had my S10 on here for sale or trade I answered every call and message the day I got them.I grew up in the south and thats just how I was raised.When I post an ad I usually put my cell number in the ad so I know I'll get the call.Some people don't do that for privacy reasons but I think if you want the deal bad enough you'll post an easy number to reach you at or reply to the messages when you get them.I had some low ball offers but to those I just called back or messaged them that I wasn't interested.
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I am going thru the same thing right now, a guy messaged me asking if i might trade my dart for his daytona, there is only 2 daytona's on here, but anyway i said send pics, none yet, i have tried to call, guess what, number doesn't work, so what the hell racing dart tomorrow, he won't reply to my message, if he found something he should let me know at least. but she is mine and i will race her. :twisted: :twisted:
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I'm a calling , when I find something I want I call RITE NOW before someone else gets it, learn that from my wife, she says I put stuff off, not when it comes to racing!!!!
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