2 Vs. 3 Circuit Dominator

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Default 2 Vs. 3 Circuit Dominator


Im wondering what experiences people have had with 2 and 3 circuit dominators. I drag race an 800 hp 540 in a 3200 pound car. Ive been running a 3 circuit 1250 but am looking at a used 1150 - 2 circuit (part #7320). Any thoughts would be great.
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Just converted a 1250, still a little lean (ran out of jets) but still made more than a 1050 on the dyno.
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im not a carb guru,but my 3 circuit runs rich even after buying the complete assortment of air bleeds.i bought a aem air to fuel ratio gage to monitor.ive heard the three circuit is main advantage is transbraked vehicles at the track.

if your gonna be driving on street ive heard 2 circuits are better.

if your gonna be racing primarily then 3 circuit.

if no racing at all and want to get easiest carb on the streets get a 4150 series,they make em up to i believe 1000 cfm.

good luck russ
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The 3 circuit carbs are all real rich at part throttle. The only way around it is to either Block the 3rd circuit or drill and tap it and make your own " jets " or restrictions using a 10-32 set screw.

I've blocked the 3rd circuit and added a restriction to the idle transfer slot on 2 # 9375 Carbs and both performed MUCH better after the mods. One of them was used on 3 differant engines.

There wasnt much if any change in ET, but idle quality was much improved and during part throttle operation there was a HUGE difference.

No More Blackend Spark Plugs.
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