New Springs?

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Default New Springs?

I am thinking about changing cams and was wondering if I was going to need to change the springs also? I am currently running a Comp Cam 292H and am thinking about going to a Crane Powermax F-290-2(pn 114691). It is going in a 360ci sbc with Iron Eagle head and Team G intake. The engine has not been fired yet, so the old springs are still brand new. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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check the two cam cards and see if they are compatible...hydraulic camshafts unless they are way different I would think you would probably be ok...but don't hurt to check.

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I did a little research for you...
The Comp cam is a hydralic unit and the Crane cam is a solid lift flat tappet.
The comp cam 292h has a gross lift of 501 intake/exhaust
w/duration @ 292 and 110 lobe separation
The crane f-290 has gross lift of 526 and 554 respectivey w/ duration @ 290 and 298 and 112 lobe seperation

The 292h requires a spring w/ 132 lbs seat pressure @ 1.750 installed height and 293lbs of spring pressure @1.25 valve height w/ a 1.115 coil bind.

The crane cam requires a spring w/ 130 seat pressure @ 1.850 installed height and 400 lbs @ 1.115 w/ coil bind @ 1.080.

See the difference? The required comp cam spring binds at your necessary open height of 400 lbs @ 1.115

Most Dart iron eagle heads have springs for flat tappet cams up to 600 lift.
I'd take them to your local machine shop if your considering going with the crane solid cam and have them check your installed height and see where your coil binding at, it's easier to do it now than have a oh $hit later.
Goodluck, Charles
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