The second night of the AMP vs MSCCS “Battle of the States

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Default The second night of the AMP vs MSCCS “Battle of the States

The second night of the AMP vs MSCCS “Battle of the States”

For Immediate Release
Wendy Bohonek (870) 208-6337
AMP Series Release
March 23, 2008

The second night of the AMP vs MSCCS “Battle of the States” pulled in 30 super late model cars from 6 different states. The stout field included several recent champions as well as, veteran driver Jerry “Mississippi Flyer” Inmon. The bone chilling in no way was a determent to the action packed racing that made up the 50 lap event. Chris “The Intimagator” Wall, Holden LA, laid the quickest qualifying lap on the North Mississippi Speedway with a time of 13.483, but it would be David Breazeale, Four Corners, MS who captured the pole position after a 6 lap dash.

Announcer Ben Shelton was on hand to call the race, and got things underway by introducing each of the twenty four drivers making up the starting grid. Then with a little help from some young fans, the command “drivers start your engines was given. Once the cars were fired up they rolled off with a four wide salute to the fans, thanking them for coming out on a cool Mississippi night to witness some good ole friendly competition between the two state late model series.

The two time MSCCS Series Champion Chris Wall jumped out to take the lead on the first lap and as he was making his way around turn two onto the back stretch when the first caution flag of the evening flew. The 2007 AMP Series Champion Jon Mitchell was scored with the caution for a flat tire, he made a quick trip to the pit, and was able to rejoin the field. The MSCCS utilizes the Delaware double file restart, so the cars were racked and stacked and racing resumed only to see the second caution flag fly. This caution entailed several cars that got turned around between turns 3 and 4. The mayhem would end the evening for Anthony Burroughs and Jeremy Broadus, and would leave MSRA Rookie of the Year Billy Moyer Jr, Clay Fisher, and Ryan Plaisance with some degrees of body damage, but all were able to restart at the back of the field.

The racing resumed and by lap 6 “The Intimagator” was in lap traffic and started to pull a way from Ray Moore and David Breazeale who were battling for second place when the caution flag flew for the third time. This time AMP Rookie of the Year contender Rachel York had some trouble on the front stretch, left the field on the hook, and returned to the field before the racing resumed.

The next few laps saw Chris Wall continuing his lead with SUPR Champion Ray Moore, David Breazeale, Bub McCool, and Ronald Dunn in tow rounding out the top five. Wall was moving around on the track searching for his sweet spot with Moore close behind as the caution light came on for AMP Rookie of The Year contender Jeff Wells Jr. Wells with heavy rear end damage was able to continue and made his way to the back of the pack and racing resumed.

The cars and stars in the field were side by side and racing hard as they made their way back around the track and started down the front stretch, when Justin McCree was pinched up against the front retaining wall and his car flipped over and slide down the last half of the front stretch on its hood before coming to a stop in turn one. With fans on their feet, track officials at the car, and emergency vehicles dispatched, Justin made his way out of the car. As the fans clapped, announcer Ben Shelton reminded us that McCree’s Trak-Star chassis did the job it was intended for and therefore thankfully he was not seriously hurt. Justin’s entire night was eventful, he slapped the wall hard during time trials and ended his racing night upside down. He will more than likely be sore tomorrow, but we are glad that he is okay.

Racing resumed and the caution flag would again rear its head again a few more times before the 50 laps were complete. David Breazeale who had a great run going, stayed among the top five for the majority of the race ended his night a little early and was forced to make his way into the infield. It was all Chris Wall who stayed clear of trouble, sliced and diced through lap traffic and was able to hold of hard charging Ray Moore and the defending MSCCS State Champion David Ashley to take home the $2500 pay day. Scott Slay and Ronald Dunn earned their respective 4th and 5th place finishes to top out your top five.

Super Late Model Time Trials:

#54 David Breazeale, Four Corners MS, 13.491, 14.666

#63 Joey McKinney, Boonville MS, 14.931, 14.600

#88 Jeremy Broadus, Biloxi MS, 13.979, 14.255

#121 Anthony Burroughs, Athens MS, 13.602, 13.530

#14 David Ashley, Zachary LA, 14.017, 14.013

#29 Mark Sartain, Corinth MS, 15.196, 14.401

#1S Jeff Wells Jr, Trumann AR, 14.790, 14.575

#86 Kyle Beard, Trumann AR, 14.360

#1C Chad Thrash, Meridian MS, 14.091, 14.019

#71 Chris Wall, Holden LA, 13.663, 13.483

#11 Rachel York, Southhaven MS, 14.948, 14.899

#R25 Ryan Plaisance, New Orleans LA, 14.196

#21JR Billy Moyer Jr, Batesville AR, 14.423, 15.649

#6S Scott Slay, Clinton MS, 14.056, 14.062

#25 Justin McCree, Woodstock AL, 15.927

#31 Scott Creel, Franklinton, LA, 15.80, 15.927

#F44 Heath Johnson, 15.418, 15.446

#99 Clay Fisher, Dewitt AR, 14.457, 14.238

#2 Charlie Cole, Marianna AR, 15.339, 14.591

#57J Bub McCool, Vicksburg MS, 13.865, 13.743

#1 Ronald Dunn, Corinth MS, 13.773, 14.279

#C16 Chris Ragen, 14.042, 14105

#26 Tim Knight, 14.350, 14.857

#54 Dane Dacus, Lakeland TN, 13.849, 14.286

#93 Ray Moore, Shreveport LA, 13.739, 14.395

#8 Tim Turner, 39.625, 15.274

#D7 Jerry Inmon, Bruce MS, 14.860, 14.617

#71A Allen Tippen, Mindon LA, 14.439, 14.370

#21 Neil Baggett, Shannon MS, 14.633, 14.141

#5 Jon Mitchell, Texarkana TX, 14.147, 14.187

Super Late Model Top 6 Dash: Starting Order

#71 Chris Wall, Holden LA, #54 David Breazeale, Four Corners MS, #57J Bub McCool, Vicksburg MS, #93 Ray Moore, Shreveport LA, #1C Chad Thrash, Meridian MS, #121 Anthony Burroughs, Athens, AL, #1 Ronald Dunn, Corinth MS, and #54 Dane Dacus, Lakeland, TN.

Super Late Model Top 6 Dash: Finishing Order

#54 David Breazeale, Four Corners MS, #71 Chris Wall, Holden LA, #93 Ray Moore, Shreveport LA, #57J Bub McCool, Vicksburg MS, #1C Chad Thrash, Meridian MS,

#1 Ronald Dunn, Corinth MS, and rounding out the top eight was the “Athens Agitator” Anthony Burroughs, Athens MS

Super Late Model B-Main 1: Finishing Order

#6S Scott Slay, Clinton MS, #R25 Ryan Plaisance, New Orleans LA, #21Jr Billy Moyer Jr, Batesville AR, #11 Rachel York, Southhaven MS, #31 Steve Creel, Franklinton LA,

#25 Justin McCree, Woodstock AL DNS.

Top three transferred: Slay, Plaisance, and Moyer Jr.

Super Late Model B-Main 2: Finishing Order:

#14 David Ashley, Zachary LA, #88 Jeremy Broadus, Biloxi MS, #86 Kyle Beard, Trumann AR, #1S Jeff Wells Jr, Trumann AR, #29 Mark Sartain, Corinth MS,

#63 Joey McKinney, Booneville MS.

Top three transferred: Ashley, Broadus, and Beard.

Super Late Model B-Main 3: Finishing Order:

#C16 Chris Ragan, #99 Clay Fisher, Dewitt AR, #2 Charlie Cole, Marianna AR, #F44 Heath Johnson, Burnsville MS, #26 Tim Knight,.

Top three transferred: Ragan, Fisher, and Cole.

Super Late Model B-Man 4: Finishing Order:

#5 Jon Mitchell, Texarkana TX, 21 Neil Baggett, Shannon MS, #71A Allen Tippen, Mindon LA, #D7 Jerry Inmon, Bruce MS, #8 Tim Turner.

Top three transferred: Mitchell, Baggett, and Tippen

AMP provisional’s were awarded to: 1S Jeff Wells Jr, Trumann AR, and Rachel York, Southhaven MS.

MSCCS provisional’s were awarded to: Jerry Inmon, Bruce MS, Scott Creel, and Justin McCree, Woodstock AL.

Super Late Model Feature Starting Line-up:

#54 David Breazeale

#71 Chris Wall

#93 Ray Moore

#57J Bub McCool

#1C Chad Thrash

#121 Anthony Burroughs

#1 Ronald Dunn

#14 David Ashley

#6S Scott Slay

#5 Jon Mitchell

#C16 Chris Ragan

#88 Jeremy Broadus

#R25 Ryan Plaisance

#21 Neil Baggett

#99 Clay Fisher

#86 Kyle Beard

#21JR Billy Moyer Jr

#71A Allen Tippen

#2 Charlie Cole

#D7 Jerry Inmon

#31 Scott Creel

#1S Jeff Wells Jr

#25 Justin McCree

#11 Rachel York

Super Late Model Feature Finishing Order:

1 #71 Chris Wall

2 #93 Ray Moore

3 #14 David Ashley

4 #6S Scott Slay

5 #1 Ronald Dunn

6 #1C Chad Thrash

7 #C16 Chris Ragan

8 #57J Bub McCool

9 #71A Allen Tippen

10 #1S Jeff Wells Jr

11 #86 Kyle Beard

12 #99 Clay Fisher

13 #31 Scott Creel

14 #11 Rachel York

15 #54 David Breazeale

16 # 21 Neil Baggett

17 #5 Jon Mitchell

18 #R25 Ryan Plaisance

19 #2 Charlie Cole

20 #25 Justin McCree

21 #D7 Jerry Inmon

22 #21JR Billy Moyer Jr

23 #88 Jeremy Broadus

24.#121 Anthony Burroughs

25 #54 Dane Dacus DNS
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