Kids first car or truck

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Default Kids first car or truck

I saw a posting a while back about someone getting there kid there first car and it being a inport. This is my grandson and he just turned 16 so I got him his first pick up truck. It was the pick up or the 29 so he got the truck I am so proud of him that I had to post it so lets hear it out there about your kids or grand kids and there first car.
:P :P :P
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Nice looking truck, you can tell he loves it cause he's grinning like a mule eating sawbriar.
That was my neice that got the import, a honda civic ( $1500)
Yesterday my sister calls me and said the motor was making a funny noise and asked if I would come over to look at it.
I get over there and the thing had no oil lifters clacking like crazy, it took almost 4 quarts to fill up. The thing is burning oil like crazy and nobody bothered to check it.
Motor quited down some but its on its last leg now for sure.
I ended up buying the 92 firebird ($1200) that my sister and neice passed up on to get the honda and its a great car. One owner 64,000 original miles no smoke and no leaks, all I had to do was rebuild the rear wheel cylinders ( leaking ) and put on new shoes. I told my sister it's for sale if

Live and learn right?
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I just bought my boy a '91 GMC Sonoma for $750. Not a bad little truck. When he proves he can take care of it maybe we'll upgrade in a year. His brother will be turning 16 then and we could just hand it down to him. He wanted a truck so he could haul his dirt bike.
It's a regular cab, so I don't have to worry about him piliing it full of kids.
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When I was in school my dad wouldn't let me buy my own car....he had some misguided idea that I would hot rod it and get into trouble. :? He furnished me a car to drive which I am thankfull for...but it was a chevette. His misguided idea gained some credibility when I busted the shifter off the top of the trans practicing power shifting...I tried to explain that it just broke and it must have been cracked or something when I got it...but he didn't buy it. He then bought an automatic trans from another chevette at the salvage yard and put it in about a slug. :cry:
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Default pu

Dont a pickup have a bed, We call that a Coonass Taxicab, load um up. :lol:
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I dont have any kids yet but my first car was a 1980 malibu wagon that my great grand pa gave to me when he died.... I still got it today and its a peace let me tell ya lol
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