pinks all out in Oregon this is how they are doing it

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Default pinks all out in Oregon this is how they are doing it

Check this out let me know what you guys think

Attention Racers: Got a new one for ya. How about bracket racing that is actually exciting? I’m determined to make bracket racing FUN. Put a little twist and some serious bank in the competition and it could be real cool, real quick.

My answer: Rich Christensen's Armdrop Racing. Take 256 vehicles (cars, bikes, karts, snowmobiles ... I don't care) and race them HEADS UP. The winner stays in, the loser goes home. Why 256? 256 vehicles turns into 128, 128 into 64, 64 into 32, 32 into 16, 16 into 8, 8 into 4, 4 into 2 and 2 into 1.

In the end, there will be only one (winner take-all) grand champion. No money for 2nd place, up to $10K for the (winner take-all) grand champion.

This is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna make DAMN sure that every vehicle in the competition is quicker than a predetermined, set time. Let’s say the track management decides that 10.8 for a quarter mile is a reasonable time. To be one of the 256 Armdrop racers - you must be faster than 10.8.... It’s that simple. I know that every vehicle in the competition is faster than 10.8 - so it doesn't matter who is in the lane next to you.

As you are both staged - I become the starting tree - but before I drop my arms, I show you.... the "death card." An easy to read, heavily laminated 16x10 inch beauty with an ET I know you can hit.

For example, let's say I grab the 11.2 “death card.” I show the 11.2 “death card” to the right lane, I show the 11.2 “death card” to the left lane, and BOOM .... I drop my arms. The first racer to the finish line WITHOUT going faster than 11.2 moves on, the loser ... dead meat.

I'm laughing my ass off as I write this cause I can already see the stopwatch in your laps - while your trying not to jump my Armdrop… hook… watch your competitor… not go too fast…shift… find the groove…look at the watch… and get to the finish line first. I'm tell'n you ...this is going to be the greatest fender racing competition the world has ever seen!

By the way, if both vehicles go too fast - both go home. No tree lights, no timing board, no crying, no errors, no excuses. You gotta be perfect - absolutely perfect - to win up to $10K.

Spread the word. This could be the most fun you've had driving in a long time.
• Friday: tech and qualifying.
• Saturday: the competition.
Oh yeah, the track management will select the final 256 racers from Friday’s qualifying. I suggest you start sucking up to them immediately. Contact the participating track nearest you for additional information. Rich Christensen Creator, host - PINKS & PINKS: ALL OUT PS. This is a live event - no television cameras to slow things down.

More information here:

The tentative Armdrop Racing Schedule:

May 16 -17 Immokalee, FL Immokalee Regional Dragway
May-June TBA Edmonton, Alberta Castrol Dragway
July 4-5 Portland, OR Woodburn Dragway
July 11-12 Toronto, Ontario Toronto Motorsports Park
October 10, 11 Tulsa, OK Tulsa Raceway Park
November 4-5 Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Motor Speedway
November 7-8 Irwindale, CA Irwindale Speedway
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