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Default Legend Car Set up

Looking for some help in some free legend car set up. Everyone seems to want to get paid. What is so top secret. Any help in set up and setting rear end square would be great.


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From the info you gave and the question, I take it you fairly new at this. I would suggest you contact the people that made your chassis. Even if you aren't the first owner, they like to see their chassis do well and the last thing they want to see is it do very badly. They may be more help than you think. They should at least give you a basic set up. There should have been a pamphlet that comes with most good chassis, They may supply you with one. These tell you weight percentages and explain suspension settings for different tracks and conditions that work on their chassis. If this isn't possible read all the books you can about circle track racing of any kind and maybe hit a seminar. I will tell you the first hurdle you will face if you are a new driver is that the car isn't pushing, your just not going fast enough. What that means is if you don't push the car it will push. Once you get by that you can tune the suspension. Don't be in a hurry, It will take about 5 years to get good at it if your going to.
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Originally Posted by Bubstr
...if you don't push the car it will push.
Very well put! There can be a world of difference between cornering performance at the limit and cornering performance short of that limit.

An excellent example was the early Corvair. With the recommended tire air pressures, handling...under normal conditions...was not drastically unlike other contemporary cars. But, at the limit...well, if Ernie Kovacs was still around, he could tell you what happens.

And, roll steer can really fool a driver. Roll steer affects the steering characteristics, but NOT the wheel loadings. So, if you have a car that goes into the outside wall head first as you exceed the limit, you can put as much roll oversteer as you like into it and it will continue to go into the outside wall head first as you exceed the limit.
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the 2 guys above are pretty Darn sharp..so listen close to them...

what i would like to add from my own personal experience from being around round tracking most of my life.

#1- the best chassis man in the world cannot get you where the car needs to be ( set up) until the driver can tell the chassis man what the car is doing example: loose going in,pushing coming out,loose coming out..

there is so much thats come with experience in the seat that contributes to the handling of your car....

stock car round track racing is a unique sport in itself in which the handling of the car is based on Throttle control..when to get out of it..when to start picking up the gas in the turn..being smooth with the throttle as to not upset the car..

i have seen Good experienced drivers get in another mans car that swears the car will not drive..and the experienced person run 3 tenths quicker

if you ever get a chance to watch a NEXTEL CUP OR BUSH race (practice) dial in their scanner code and listen to the driver talking to the crew chief on what the car is doing...

we like to give roundy round guys a hard time ( in fun) but in the real world this is one tuff sport accomplish.....


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all very true,it's very hard to setup someone else's round track cars first off everybody drives different.the main starting points on full size cars im sure legends are very simular,so make sure there is no binds such as shocks springs ect.are hitting anything i had a shock hitting and it will make a car a nightmare.and the rear and front ends have to work together for a balanced setup.then seat time to find out if you like a tight or loose car.and stagger,wheel offs,rear steer,geomentry.hope this helps
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