How long should I wait for a response?

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Default How long should I wait for a response?

I am new to and have contacted several folks about their stuff. I am getting replies from around half the folks I contact. I was raised to believe that if someone contacts you, you should respond, even if it is nothing more than a simple "no thanks". Unfortunately, I am one of those guys that will send you a little note, never nasty, but "thanking" them for the non reply after a bit of time, I am trying hard to not do it, but man how rude! How long is appropriate to wait for a response? I understand people work, go out of town, etc. If that is the case, why post your ad? I have posted my profile clearly identifying myself and where I am from. Is the non response typical of RJ users?
Even if it is, is a killer site. Thanks for reading my question.
Rudy :?:
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Is the non response typical of RJ users?

Never had that problem before.How long has it been?
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anywhere from 2 to 10 days
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I too am alot like you Rudy,BTW thanks for stoping by the forum.

You just need to be aware of others business practices,If they are to busy to respond to you,I'd simply move on,but then again you got some that have no problem,and take your money and have nothing but excuses,or don't reply to messages,calls,or even return your calls,after they get your money.Most of these guys have been members for some time and never had an honor payment or even a CRJ member.Not saying all but some.You need to look their profiles over even their selling status,that will tell you what type of guy you are dealing with.

Leave a message,I'll call you back type of guys I'd stay away from,thats just a flag for me.Along with excuse type guys,you got to be aware.Don't trust everyone.And always talk to the seller and buyer to exchange info.Get to know one another some.

Beware of pushy people that want money overnited and promt pal pal deals,chances are if they are in a hurry your going to lose your hard earned money,BEWARE

Be sure you look over the profiles,check when they joined,weither or not they are a CRJ,or honor paying member,etc. If you have any questions feel free to keep coming back and asking with add numbers or even better yet a link to what you have in question.Use the search function here to see if the member has had any reports here in the user feed back section.

Another thing is check out the telephone number,don't use PO Box addresses,verify their home address telephone numbers and names.Profiles too.

When buying on RJ you need to do your home work before the sale not after,trying to do it after it might be too late,so there is plenty of info in the user feed back section that will help you along the way.If all else fails,come to that section and ask,I am sure someone can help you,and if you need any more info,fell free to message me,I'll help you all I can.

There are alot of great sellers and buyers here on RJ but it only takes a few to ruin it for others.
One thing I can tell you is if the deal seems too good to be true,It prolly is.Common sense and communication goes along way here at RJ.

Like i said Rudy welcome to the forum and keep coming back

There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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I try to check my messages every day. But things do happen. Maybe some people don't have everyday access to a computer. I could understand taking a couple of days to get back to you but not 10. I contacted a guy about a dragster that I was intrested in buying. I had cash in hand. He never responded and I bought another car. His loss.
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Default waiting for a response, how long to wait?

Thanks for the reply to my question. I think I am going to just let them be forgotten if they do not respond. I really don't care to create a firestorm in the forum and possibly have my name tarnished for ANY reason. We have a great track record on Ebay (99.3), after almost 8 years and over 260 items, building a new shop on Main St. Landis, NC, our family name being respectable is very, very important to this household. I just absolutely cannot understand someone not responding to a question or not return someones call, even if it is to just say "no thanks". My grandma would reach down from Heaven and smack me in the back of my head if I did that. My Monte that is listed was supposed to be bought from a fellow from Fla., after several rounds of negotiating, settling on a price, he never called me back for the purchase. I wish I had that sort of time to burn! But anyway, thanks for the welcome! Oh yeah, why don't folks take time to leave a profile? I have been here for less than a month, read my profile and you know who I am. Noticing folks that have been here for YEARS and still no profile. Could go on for hours, but I won't. Really looking forward to a long, good relationship in the community.
Thanks again! Semper Fi!! 8)
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i agree.i dont think it should really take more than two days to respond. a simple no would work.if your waiting for a better offer than say so .if something better comes along great .if not you can always go back and check to see if the other offer still stands.just dont leave someone hanging.
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