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I wired my (2 )12volt batteries in series. I also wired in my on/off switch and the charging lugs. When I take my test light and clamp the clip to the negative side of the battery and touch any metal surfaces of the car ie; the roll cage, tin on the tubs and the body of the car, the test light lights up. In my series of batteries, the only place Iv'e gone to ground is on one of the roll bars. I have unhooked about everything that is not nessary to staring and running the car. All metal parts still have a charge. My question is do I need more grounds? From engine to frame, frame to body? I just can't figure out why the metal parts of the car has 12.65 volts. Please HHHEEEELLLPPP.................Rob...............Th anks
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Default Your battery install

Hey there -

You DO NOT want to wire dual batteries in series. These need to be wired in parallel; ie. you want a 12 volt source but double the amperage. When you wire the batteries in series you double the voltage to 24 volts and keep the amperage the same. I believe you are reading the positve 12 v. from one battery through the other if wired in series... because the positive on one battery is connected the negative (which goes to ground) on the other battery when series'd. Rewire the batteries in parallel; negative to negative and positive to positive.. then solidly ground the negative off one battery to the frame / cage (multiple spots is always best). 1/0 copper welding cable works great! Be sure to ground the engine to the frame as well with a grounding strap (you can get at any NAPA)... I bet this solves your problem. Good luck - PM me if have any other questions or are using an alternator.. that's another issue, lol.. Take care,
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Another point to remeber is that when wiring the batteries up it is best to do the following

for Ground and Negative

Ground to - terminal on Bat 1
- terminal Bat 1 to - terminal Bat 2

Poistive and Master Cut off

+ terminal on Bat 1 to + terminal on Bat 2
+ terminal Bat 2 to Master cut off switch

Good luck
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