Chevy BB oil pan leaks, Need HELP

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Default Chevy BB oil pan leaks, Need HELP

A few years ago I installed a 7 quart Milodon oil pan on my 454. I used a one piece gasket. The motor started leaking within a week of running. I am taking the motor apart to fix the leak. What is the best way to insure that the new gasket does not leak? Should I stay with a one piece?
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I've always siliconed the front and rear seals, and used rubber on the sides. Never had any leaks.

It's a pain in the ass when you go to clean the timing cover/rear main cap, and pan, but it don't leak.
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I have and currently have a 1 piece seal on my 511ci......i ran into an oil pan leak from under the front timing chain cover..i took off the pan and noticed the front seal coming under the cover had been pushed inward...the one piece pan seal doesn't pull up tight all the way around in other words it has a little slack around the bottom of the timing cover seal ..
what i did to fix this was i took a razor blade and cut off the front seal,glued the gasket to the black pan rails and rear seal using Gorilla snot. did the same thing with the bottom of tinming chain cover piece but filled in the with a heavy does of grey silicon when plaing the pan back on.

"No leaks"...i have used the 1 piece seal 2 times and had the same problem each time...still a great oil pan gasket because of the metal inserts that keep you from squeezing out the gasket on the sides.

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If it has a cork gasket on it you could have over tightened it...I use the gorilla snot like bjuice said and a dab on the corners where the rubber end seals overlap the side gaskets..after the pan it on I take black or grey silicon an use my finger to fill in the little void between the pan and edge of the gasket..all the way around ... sorta squeegy(sp) it out with my index finger and then wipe off excess and it just looks smooth around the edge and never leaks
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