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Default Profiles

I know most of you that post have filled out your profile but some have not. If you have not you should take the time to fill in a little info about yourself and whatever else you would like. This does help a lot of sales and helps get to know the people you are dealing with.

Racingjunk should send a messege to everyone to do this.
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David..i agree with what you said.,but Tom has been posting the same request for over 1 year or longer that i know of....
At least Tom did take it upon his-self to make the board where you have to at least sign in to see the board....that at least gives us Mods and Admin's a chance to get at someone who is up to no good and the multiple personalities... 8)

As we have stated in the past the forum and classifieds are run seperatley.

it would be a good idea to forward your information to PJ or Ryan over on the classifieds.

' You would also be surprised at the BS we Mods and Admins catch and deal with long before you guys get a hint of whats going on..and in many cases never hear of it.......but thats the entire point.


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I totally agree here,and also its hard playing Miss Cleo too?

I can say this tho there is strenght in numbers and it is getting some what better in the last few years,but,we need to all take a stand here,and get a better line of communication and information. Thats the "key" to alot of the problems here,there is no communication,but what we all put on the board,we need facts and info on some of these issues.

Communication is one of the big problems here,On both ends Buyers/Sellers/and Racing Junk included

Also take a look at your profile here in the forum and fill that out some,give us a general state your from,if you have any questions feel free to pm me and if I can help I will
I can also help with avatars

I also have my Race Space profile in my www. button anyone that wants to be on my friends list just add me But I do have it set private,my profile and I got some info there as well
Also you can set your time I can tell you that Eastern Standard Time is set at -5GMT if that helps any
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Default profile

I agree i like knowing with whom i am dealing with.
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