Power Glide Setup, Hows this build?

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Default Power Glide Setup, Hows this build?

Rear engine Dragster 900 hp Big Block Mopar
Whats the minimal clutches to be used in high drum? I plan on freshing it every season, if Its lucky :wink:

Right now I have new 5 clutch hub with 5 frictions clearance is .070 from top of clutch pack to bottom of ledge were low sun gear rides in the drum. I was thinking of milling the piston in the lath another .020-.025 for a measurment of near .100 I was going to leave out every 3rd spring here.

I will be adding a duel piston servo with stock cover, and stock springs.
And 2+ deep cast aluminum pan.

Also How many clutches is minimal for reverse clutch pack with transbrake? I was thinking of 4 which should be stock, with a little more clearance of .125 or so. I was also going to run stock springs here

Can these be run tighter or looser?
Also what regular pump mods need to be done? I was thinking just enlarging the converter feed hole and intersecting hole to 1/4 inch, but wasnt sure if this gets drill all the way through the pump, and and the intersecting one drill all the way through wre they meet? Or is it just a enlarged opening kinda deal? I know I gotta bore out the stator support for a 350 turbo spline bushing, is this a standard bushing for a 350?

Im not going to run a Pro tree Double bleed style brake, I bought a used TCI Full tree brake, but didnt get any instructions. I was thinking the only mod nessisary was to drill hole in the back of the case left to the horse shoe and drill it out to 1/4 inch. Then on the inside drill it out to 3/8 only 1/2 deep.

Thanks In advise
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You'll probably be fine with 5 in the high pack and 4 in reverse, but if it was mine, I'd go with 6 and 6. Set the high pack with .080" clearance and the reverse with .100" and you'll be fine for sure. Drilling the case that way for a full tree brake should be fine, but you can score some instructions from Summit's website. Look up the brake and you can view the instructions online.....
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Default Powerglide

TSR sells a "powerglide transmission handbook" sells for $19.95 great book with lots of information. The converter feed needs to be drilled complete to intersection. You will need to remove stator support to do this if the support is stock I like to replace it with a hardened aftermarket support available from TSR, this support is enlarged for bushing. Probably do not need a bushing but check with converter manufacturer to be sure.
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You can put up to 8 Alto thin clutches in a factory drum, there are also some 10 clutch aftermarket drums around. And buy the TSR book, lots of good info there.
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