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Default Like to shave et

Hi guys! I need some help. I'd like to cut one or two tenths off my 1/8 et, but don't know what to do without spending a ton of money. I don't have money for aftermarket heads or changing compression. Here's what I have, 3200 lb. malibu, bbc true 402 + .030 = 408 ci as far as I know stock internally, including pistons, stock 781 heads, comp .520 lift advertised 280 duration cam, edel. perf. rpm intake, 700dp holley, msd6al, msd dist., headers, holley blue fuel pump, turbo 400, 3500stall vertor, 12 bolt 456 gears, 28x10.5x15 m/t et drag. timing set at 38* ( played with it alot seems to run best). Launching at 2500 and shifting at 5500 it has run a best of 1.65 60 ft. 7.95 @ 85 mph. The car has fiberglass doors with lexan windows, fiberglass bumpers, hood, rear decklid. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Is my cam too small? Can I install 781 heads with bigger valves? Any Ideas, or suggestions?
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Default heads

Sent you a pm.
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1st off your babying the car to death...

try leaving harder....3,000 to 3,500...

also your short shifting the car....that motor most likely needs to turn a minimum of 6500 rpm to make good power

My wifes car runs 7.50/7.60's at 91 mph...3300 lbs, 406 steel head small block, 12 bolt 4.56 gear 26x10's,,on MT DOT street tires...520 flat tappet cam...and foot braking..350 turbo tranny with 3500 TCI stall.

much like your car excpet we are driving it much harder .....thats where your 2 tenths lie in my opinion.

your car still seems a little heavy with all that fiberglass you sure your weight is correct ?

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Bjuice, Thanks for the response. I have been shifting at 5500 because some people told me you can't rev a stock bbc like a sbc., shows what they know. I leave at 2500 because the brakes won't hold the rear wheels,the car has disc in front and drum in the rear. They are not power brakes. This is a 1977 malibu (big car) bigger than 78-83 g-body. I had it weighed at the landfill, with me in it 3415lbs. I went 215 but that was a few twinkies ago. This spring I will definetly wind it up more.
Thanks for the help
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I was wondering the same thing on the weight, my Malibu weights 3253 w/driver, with S/Blk, and the only thing that's fiberglass is the hood and bumpers. It's a backhalf 4 link car, which is heaver than stock suspension. it still has all the dash and gauges, roll up windows all original glass. I am pushing it harder with the 377" but it runs 6.50's with 1.41/1.44 60 ft times.

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what about balancing the rotating assembly,and running it to 7000 rpm's
what kind of componants are you using??
hell stock chevy's are good to ??? rpm's???
a bigger tire will cover more area faster- like a 31 or 32 compaired to a 28
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