UPS beat the crap out of the box

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Default UPS beat the crap out of the box

I am looking for help, I dont know what to do? I bought a pro systems carb off of here it was shipped by UPS but when it got to my house the box had holes punched in it and the tags ups uses were put on the bottem of the box so it looke like they use the top of the carb as the bottom. When I opened the box the brass air tubes were broken, one was missing ans the carb was broke at the point that the tub fits in. there were 3 pieces of the carb laying in the box. I contacked ups, they came and picked it up but I have not herd anything more. It eas easy to see that the box was smashed and that was ups falt but what it they dont do anything for me?
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Default UPS

Hopefully,the Shipper Put as Much Inshurance as the carb is worth?Because,that might Help?But,heres the 1st thing they will tell you?
The Box was improperly boxed!
Check with the Shipper,they will dealwith Him.

This is The MAIN REASON,i WILL NOT EVER Use UPS Again in this Lifetime!!! THEY PLAIN S U C K !!
After several claims,i set up an account with DHL.This Last go round with UPS took about 7 Weeks,and Finally got my $$$$.But,i was the Shipper.So,like i said Contact the Shipper?
Sorry about your Loss!
Greg :?
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That is the bad part the shipper did not put inshurance on the part. I have told the shipper but so far he doesnt seem very interested, he has his money.
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I have that same thing with UPS i still use them but only if the customer request them i use fed ex more than any one now and so far i have not had a problem .
I know it's coming just dont know when.
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Originally Posted by thundershock
That is the bad part the shipper did not put inshurance on the part. I have told the shipper but so far he doesnt seem very interested, he has his money.
I had a convertor and valve covers I got off ebay sent to me. The guy sent them in the same box and the valve covers broke. The UPS guy came to my house and wanted to take it and I would not let him because that was my only way to prove it broke to the seller. UPS ended up sending the seller a check and he sent me my money back but not untill they took the part to pay him. You are likely now out of a carb that is broke and your money because he did not insure it. Did you pay for insurance ? I would think this is all on the seller for bad packaging. The stuff I sell can be dropped and it wont hurt it. UPS covers upto $100.00 no matter what so you will get that I'd think. Unless they say it was bad packaging.
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i have had my parts damaged thru fedex and ups, i bought a system
from mass-flo and had to send the trottle and computer back and
used the US mail system and chris called me and said that the
box was in mint condition, he said ups has always damaged the
boxs and he was going to use the post office for his deliveries.
hey your postman handles the boxs with tender love because
they know you, and their cheap too.
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ups covers the first $100--if you did not request or pay for extra insurance then you can not blame the seller :cry: :cry: ---if you did pay for it to be insured for a set amount and the seller did not do it :twisted: :twisted: THEN BY ALL MEANS POST HIS INFO ON HERE AND MAYBE WE CAN HELP!!!!!!---OTHERWISE I FEEL YOU HAVE ALONG WAIT ON YOUR HANDS FOR YOUR REFUND!!!---LIVELY IN ILLINOIS 8) 8)
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I have had problems with all of them. Just got a customers entire radio setup to service and when Fed Ex dropped it off the box was completely broken open. Good thing was all the parts were still there. When ever I need to ship something of great value or importance I take it to the UPS STORE and let them box it. Now they are reasponsible !!!!! It may cost a little more but at least if something happens during shipping it's on them.................. I hope :?
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