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Default Ron Owens Performance Parts Ad's

Well let me say this to start with i thought the girl in my ad's would kinda spice thing's up a little bit.
and in a way i guess they did i pulled them once because of a email i got from a person that thought it was a shame that i did that to sell my products.
So i re posted with a foot note and the response was unbelievable about 98 to one saying keep the girl in the ad's well in the last two day's i got another surprise from some people i want put there names up but i can not believe some of the thing's these people are saying for example tell her to get rid of the beer belly /that i have pimped her out enough now /she's getting old already / stop teasing everybody how much is she /that's just a few of them i did keep the message's in case i needed them.
i thought it would be a nice change but i guess some people would rather just see the parts and go on i dont know but I'm not the only company or person that has used models and want be the last i was wondering if they send these kind of messages to all the company's that use models and if so why.
I'm thinking i will stop because i see no reason for these kind of comments at all and they are not provocative pictures and i sure wouldn't want her to see what some people are saying just dont really know what to say but for all that wanted me to keep posting pic's with her in them thank you . so from Ron owens racing and performance parts Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
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thats a shame. you can walk down the street and see more skin then that girl is showing. so do those same people mailling you go up to people on the street and say something to them? i bet not. it was nothing obscene or rude or distasteful. people are just a$$ holes cause they can. they have nothing else better to do then pi$$ and moan about something. sorry they did that to you Ron. so on a lighter note could you post them over here for us? lol :shock:
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I am all for looking at good looking women and do all the time, but personally when I am looking for parts I wont go to ads that have pics of girls and not pics of just the part I want. I have no problem with you doing it and I am sure it has got a TON of views, just does make your company look bad having to do so.
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Thanks Guy's Like i always said i am willing to take the good news along with the bad that's the only way we can learn is from listing to both and taking it in stride.
David i didn't think it made my company look bad lord knows thousands of companies use models and i never thought it hurt them .
I didn't have to do it i was thinking it would be a good change but maybe i was wrong . Thanks for your thoughts and opinions Ron
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I don't think it hurt anything Ron. All are intitled to their opinion and I saw nothing distasteful in the ads I viewed, as a matter of fact as I was signing in I saw an ad by a company with about 5 women in it. I see ads for boats, swimware. jewelry, and on and on that use models in their ads and these are very expensive items I am talking about. Also it is company's that are far larger than yours I suspect, but you can not please all the people all the time, but the decision is yours as the owner to make on your on as to how you want to run YOUR company..Good luck
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I for one did not see any problems with using a model to grab the attention of the public. Like lookingaround stated, you can see more skin walking down the streets. I believe you do what you feel is right and go from there. The people on here know you and your reputation as a stand up guy.

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only problem is you did not show the girl installing the parts in a
bikini, hee hee. and you got to admit the ads worked, look at the
feed back and now we want to see more girls with more parts!
i am surprised that the haters did not mention the "procomp"
parts you are selling, and i would rather have a chic then a
dude with his crack showing selling parts, keep up the good
work, were checking your parts out 8)
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I did a quick search on "male thong", and this was the first link that popped up.

You should photoshop a guy into the ad and see what sort of replies you get then for laughs.

Some people need to lighten up. The automotive world shouldn't be full of pussies. We have enough of those in elected positions.
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