Connecting Rod side clearance. (part 2)

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Default Connecting Rod side clearance. (part 2)

I have a 461 BBC. its a 10.5:1 motor with eagle H-Beams and A Ohio crank. Is .014 to tight of a clearance? What should Side to side clearance be
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We generally use .015 you should be ok with .014 Bill
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I agree with Bill
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I agree with what Tom said.... :shock: :lol:
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It is very unusual for Tom to wash his hands of a poster.
I am sure he is right. That IP was not only a server Ip it was the complete full IP to the computer making the posts. I can re-boot mine or change the IP by rotation and the front numbers will be the same, but the last digits will change even with the same computer on the same server. Dude every swinging number is the same. You didn't even re-boot to change users.

OK Here it is for the benefit of all who read that are either posting or not posting.

Rule of thumb only;

Steel Rod side clearance to block, or cam = .035
Aluminum Rod side clearance to block or cam = .060
Crank side clerance or rotating clearance to block, rods, pistons, = .060

That is my minimums. I usually go for more.
Some builders get by with less. I am writing this. They aren't.

Connecting rod Big End side clearance = Minimum for the pair -.010
Connecting rod Big End side clearance = Maximum for the pair - .020



The status of the member is not set by Tom or Ryann or anyone. It is set by the program according to how many posts you make. It is not and can not be a bassis of how smart you are or how stupid I am.
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You just got caught red handed and now your crying foul.

I have seen many loafers as yourself come and go off this site,so go play else where.You ain't playin my guys.if you want help stick with one name,not 3 names

And if my guys here feel the same way,then they can all go waste their time too I am done,you've done wore your welcome out with me.

All from the same ISP addy

If you are innocent of what it looks like, and have any proof at all about what you say, I am sure Tom would be apologizing. I too am far from ignorant about computers and computer networks. What you say can only be true if all three computers are routed through the same server and are connected in a network by either a router or an Ethernet style of connection. That can be true if you have one master server that the three of you share or one of you owns the server. Just becuase you use or share the same Internet Service Provider will not give you the same identical IP.

If you or anyone does want to get real answers to real questions and really does want help, here is the place to get it. I also run a site called SpeedTalk as the seniour moderator and I feel the same as Tom does here. When I catch someone trying to mock or make a joke out of my other members they get in hot water with me.

Another thing I don't particuarly care for is the questions for a friend or a friend of a friend. If I am going to be using my time to discuss technicical problems I will discuss them with the person with the problems or the one who is working on the car. Not to a dozen friends.

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I am not a Moderator here but I am pretty sure the software is similar to what we are using.

Here is a little sampling of info available to any server that has the right software now.

What you think is your IP is really only your DHCP Address.

If you go to check it that is the one you will see.

Even if you use Multi-proxies you can be found. People can't hide on the internet. They just think they can. With enough multi-proxies stacked or rotated it does take longer to track it down to the original ones though.

How do you think the Feds quickly find Internet Porn Criminls or Terrorits, and Hackers. They just think they are hidden.

Some of the ways to identify a poster that our software is capable of doing is to compare some of this information;

IP Addresses
IP Gateways
DNS Server IP's

Routing Tables
LAN Informations
Modem IP Addresses
Modem NetMasks
DHCP Addresses (lol)
MAC Addresses
Ethernet or Router Information (which is a different MAC Address)

Our softwear in the programs here can look at In Unicast Packets vs Out Unicast Packets vs Out Non Unicast Packets and In vs Out Octets

as a reference to comparing where postings originate.

Like I said earlier.
What you said can be true only if you all are sharing the same router or Ethernet Server and all of your internet is coming from only one server. Usually when this is done is within the same building or same company. I have seen it done though through different households if there is a large common Server that they all are sharing. This is not common and is seldom done becuase of the Network connetction isues to do it.

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Default russ67chevelle is s10 is my friend!!!look!!!!

i am currently looking for a cam for my 572.i posted and have enjoyed this forum alot along with the site!i'm not sure what my friend has done to offend anyone here but if you email me, i can send proof that we are two seperate gear heads.and if i had a smaller pixel picture id post my pics!im not trying to make any of you look bad or anything but just wanna set the truth straight!my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me....
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