Question about E85

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Default Question about E85

Just wondering what it takes to run E85 and what are the benefits other than price? Will I be gaining any by running it in a 10.5 to 1 BBC?

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Default E85

yes you will gain from it , they say you gain about 35 hp by going to e85 and also you dont have to worry about detination, just remember you need to get your carb set up for it. Gassoline 1 gal equals 1.6 of e85. good luck
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Default E85

Do some research before you try anything. E85 is corrosive. Need to make sure your entire fuel system can handle it. Higher Octane rating than gas, but only has 70-75% of the energy of gas. Not a problem if you're racing, but in the end it might be even money with race gas.

Good luck, Dan
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I really cannot say how much you will gain horsepower wise. Raising compression to 12-13:1 will help alot with e-85. The jet area (not jet size, but orifice hole's area) will need to be changed to 147% as a ballpark baseline. Fuel not nearly as corrosive as they say, but worth mentioning.
I have a small block Camaro that went 11.67 at 116 last year on race gas with 11.5:1 compression. I increased compression to 13:1 and ran E-85 with a looser converter and on the very second pass ran a 10.90 at 125 mph! :shock:
Use big pumps and reguators, because you'll need the extra volume of fuel as well. Make sure your tank/cell is sparkling clean before adding E-85.
Run the engine hotter than on race gas. I went from a 160 thermostat to a 190 and found the engine was snappier/smoother.
We all know there are performance benefits on E-85, but what about cost? Well, let me put it like this...
Race gas times 100%= 8.00 per gallon. :evil:
E85 times 147% volume at 2.50 per gallon=less than $3.75! :wink:
Even if it were possible to burn 3x as much E-85 compared to race fuel it would only cost $7.50...that's still cheaper than race gas!!! Not to mention the fact that you can drive down to the gas station and fill 'er up!
Hope this helps!
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