picking the right fuel pump for your ride

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Default picking the right fuel pump for your ride

I`ve read in articles about testing your fuel system to flow so many gallons in a certain amount of time, and then you see manufactures rate their pumps as being good for X amount of horse power,,What is a good (fool proof) way of getting the right fuel pump.I`m running a 9 .10 car at 2900# single carb,no NOS, had an aeromotive 1000, that was to be good for 1300 hp, but barely flowed enough for the flow test of a gallon at 30 seconds or so.Also was wondering if it is possible to suck more fuel out of the fuel bowls, than what can go in, without loosing any pressure on the guage? I thought this pump would be enough but I feel the bowls were running low, but guage does not drop,did go from .130 needles to .150 needles and it seemed to be OK, but I wouldn`t have thought that a .130 would be too small, any way just looking for some feed back on fuel pumps, you hear about these problems all the time,,,also they don`t recommend alot of the higher end pumps for the street.
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One way, the best way, is use lbs/hour of fuel. Gasoline, weighs roughly 7lbs/gallon. If you fuel pump has a rated flow of say 140 gallons per hour, multiply that number, by 7, which is how mayny pounds in one gallon. So, you have 840 lbs/per hour of potential fuel flow from that pump. Considering it takes roughly 300 lbs per hour to supply 700hp, and somewhere around 500 for 1000hp, that 140 gallon pump, will work for both applications.

Now, you also need adequate fuel line size, minmal bends and turns, etc. Also, the closer to masex out, the pump heats up the fuel more, which is a negative. So, Some of these monster pumps, are totaly overkill. Which, doesn;t hurt anything, but, it just costs more. Thats a good way to look at it though, the lbs/hour that the engine requires, or is using to make its power, and, use 7lbs per gallon of fuel, to do a simple equation to figure it out.

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So. is that 840 lbs per hour at "free flow" or anything else like at 8 psi, or at 13.5 volts?etc.
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the Biggest problem Oversight I SEE many PEOPLE do is to have a fuel filter in place that is not rated to handle the flow of the pump itself....

i feel diagnosing a pump is fairly easy based on what frank said ...just be sure that you pay close attention to the flow rate of the filter and place it before the pump..

another thing i have also seen people double filter their fuel system ( filter before the pump and one in line somehwere before the motor)....my question is WHY would you do this.?..it can only cause a disrupption in the fuel flow ( restrict)...

i am probably one of those guys that has a LARGE over kill pump..i run the PRO-STAR MAGNAFUEL on my naturally aspirated 511 bbc....of course its adjusted to my fuel level psi i need....but we have a nature as dragracers..and that is we want to make more power and go faster and faster..unfortunalty if you undershoot your fuel pump you will be buying another fuel system when you up grade your performance.....this includes running any NOS in the future....you simply outgrow it !

i am a living testament to this story..placing the pro-star magnafuel on my 511ci bbc with a pro-system in line pro micro screen fuel filter might have been over kill at the time ..but it kept my door open to running NOS without having to run a dedicated fuel system which invloves buying another pump,regulator and pluming etc.....

Now i have decided to try alcohol...so my once overkill magnafuel pump and its #12 line to a #10 line is just perfect for my alcohol swap...would have been the same difference if i decided on a 300 fogger or plate, or if i decided to go from my 511ci motor to a 632ci...i got enough fuel pump there to handle it ALL mentioned above

i guess what i am saying is spend a little more up front to have a bunch of options at the end.........spend 200/250 for a pump that can put out exactly what yoy need and NO more...or spend 200 more dollars and never have to worry about out growing the pump....if you are a true racer you will get there i am satisfied..

however its

buyers choice...pay me now pay me twice later....what will it be ?


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