help with the right engine combo

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Default help with the right engine combo

ok i am looking for advice on what is the best small block chevy engine and combo to build for nitrous i am putting this engine in a s-10 any and all help will be greatly appreciated thanks
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Street/strip or race only?
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Question above plus these.


That is what determines almost all power capability.

Not being a smart alex. Really only trying to help.

With a stock block 400 I would say that 421-422 is max. With a stock block 350 I will say that 396 is max. Yes' you can do bigger. I did a 440 cu in stock block 400 one time. I will never do it again.

Just like blocks and all other parts, cylinder heads come in all flavors up to over 20,00.000 and below. Blocks can go as high as 12,00 and as low as 200.00.

More info?

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Default race

i am building this engine for drag racing only! please continue to give me info on this because i am ready to get started all i need is some good info so i can build an engine that will hold up to alot of spray. thanks
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That all depends. Like Ed asked, Budget, money, budget, money? You get the idea. Also, what is your et goal? Thats another huge question.

If you say unlimited budget, and 7 secod ets, well, that will be a completely different engine, than if you said $6,000 and whatever I can run, or, I want to run low 9's, or high 8's, or mid 10's, and I have $10,000 to spend. Also, how i9s the truck set-up? Is it just a V-8 conversion with stock suspension? Or is it a backhalved, tubbed totaly set-up certified chassis, legal to go 8.50's? That also needs to be known. What tranny, etc etc. We need details

Otherwise, I would say 9.5 deck, Dart aluminumn block, with a lunati Pro-series 4.125 crank, R&R or GRP billet aluminumn rods, a 55mm cam core, .904 lifters, use a set of Dart Little chiefs, a sheet intake, and a 3 stage fogger set-up. It should make 1450-1550hp+, depending on how much spray you use. But, it will cost you about $40k

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