is this a scam or just B.S. buyer

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Default is this a scam or just B.S. buyer

trying to sell car to some one in Canada interested but he needs a fax of title so it clears canadian govt. ie;clean title ,so i send the faxed copy of the title my name and addy are on it ... guy says he wants the car,. now i havent heard from him just 2 days after he got faxed title.Ive tried calling him no answer no cash or anything has exchanged i have his address .i should be ok ? correct i last talked to him and he said if he couldent pick it up this weekend the 16th ,he said next weekend the 22nd but havent been able to contact him. can my VIN be taken off my title ?
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You ever heard of forgery?Looks like you did a no no!,better contact the DMV about this one!
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Default title

I am Canadian and I have bought a number of cars in the U.S. I have never needed a faxed copy of the title to clear the Canadian Gov. Where is this buyer in Canada?
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Default canadian scam?

Well i went to WI DMV they told me nothing to worry about even if he tried to get a salvage title they would go to the origin of the title holdwer which is me so i was assured by two people at two different locations im ok ... But i should never do that again the city in Canada is Burford and i have is address and home and business numbers and they do match i dont know why someone would go through all that trouble and not want to buy the car ... OH WEll thank you for the answers Mike
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I am also a Canadian and i have boughten cars from the U.S. and brought them back accross the border. This is the way it works at the border. ..First you have to send the U.S. border a copy of the ownership with the serial number on it....then it takes 3 working days (Mon-Fri) for them to check and see if the car has been reported stolen before they let it clear customs. Then and only then are you allowed to bring the car across the border.
The last car I purchased was from a guy in Buffalo...after i paid him for the car he faxed me a ownership, I then faxed that ownership to the border, then 4 days later i phoned the border to ensure it cleared and was not reported as a stolen car...then i picked it up the following Monday morning as you can only bring the vehical across on a week day between 9am to 4pm.


But if you do all the paperwork, it is not that complicated to bring the car into Canada...just do the paperwork first
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