the people you meet!!!!!

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Default the people you meet!!!!!

I dont know if any other activety compares to dragracing, but everytime I have went to a dragrace, if I am racing or just watching, (the watching is over) I meet some of the coolest , nicest people there are, last time I went to spokane, meet a couple with a 68 roadrunner, had 4 kids, they were so nice, both me and my wife hit it off with them both , then there was a couple with a 69 cam, really nice!!!! It just goes on and on, on here I ask brian, zip, vince and a few others all kinds of questions, and always get very good and friendly advise and help, just damn good people involved with dragracing and hotrods!!!!!
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i agree with that Mark....just like any hobby or places you go there is always the exception...i have found that the local weekend racers are a hoot and very helpful...on the other hand i have found out that the bigger races you go to the TENSION IS HIGHER and you do not see that over the top helpful hand...not saying all is like that...

example: last big race i went to i went to K.Bernsteins pit set up and started talking to one of his pit dogs ( against his will it seemed like).
i ask him did they see the problems with getting wheels on time like the regular joe blow since weld had filed BANKRUPTY...

he made a very sarcastic reply that he has never heard anything of this.."it flew all over me" and i told him "i am not asking you i am telling you this is happening you know"...

i wanted to tell him a few other things like "what do you run except that wrench putting back wheels on Kenny's car."..LOL...but i shut up and went on..He got my point...

the next pit set up "jegs" was as nice as it comes..i posted pic of me and my little girl standing there..

also Greg Anderson's pit was more than friendly...

for the record..I still love Kenny Bernstein and pull for him every chance i get..GO KENNY GO !!!


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I agree Mark.

Whenever I have been to Firebird in the past few years, whether I have my car or not, I always meet very nice friendly people that actually care about the sport and each other.

Maybe because we live in smaller areas and not AS many people, but all in all, here, at the strip, Team Chevelle, Yellowbullet or the H.A.M.B., folks are cool and like helping out.

When I did tech support for the NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Internet), I had a Commander on the phone and while fixing his pc we spoke about cars and the military, being ex-Navy. Anyway, long story short, he had a torque wrench (maybe ill-gotten from dynoblow) and a timong light he no longer needed. He sent it to me without expectation of a dime.

I did however find out some more about him and sent him a thank-you along with a cd chocked full of good software.

Just goes to show how right you are Mark, we are a friendly bunch :shock:
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I agree with BJ, on this subject, i also agree with Mark and Carl.
It seems as the pros get more successful they forget from where they came from. They are very well aware of their fans because thay have to be for the sponsers. But if you want to go up and talk tech with them they will not give you the time of day. As for BJ's question about the Weld rims, that pit person doesn't have a clue on what's going on, he has one job and nothing else, just like the head person or the blower person. I'd venture tha JF doesn't have a clue either about parts or shortage of parts.
He has a business manager who is responsible for keeping the invatory up so they don't run out of parts.
i can remember when Kenny B. was in phx. running a match race in the mid 80's and Shirl and her girlfriend was selling shirts and posters out of his box truck tow vehicle. (i have a pic. some where of me and Shirl and her girlfriend) if i remember right i even went to the concession stand and brought back lunch for us including Kenny who at the time was driver crew chief and mechanic. I was a little guy then (and i still am) but in those days a lot of the hot dogs of today were also.
I've got movies of Larry Morgan when he lived in Phx and both of us running a bracket race at Phx. raceway park, i didn't run him and i don't remember who went out first, but i'm betting he did because i could saw the tree down in those days in those days we were on a first name basis, but i'll bet today he would not even recoganise me or even bother to talk to me.
I was also good friend with Larry Nance NBA, and we ran together all the time when he played for the Suns. I did see him at Memphis along with Tom Harmon and we sat down and had a couple beers and recalled old times.
Again Mark and Carl, there are no greater friends than the sportman racers that we see every weekend at the track, but the hotdogs suck, because when they reach a certain level we are all beneath them, for the most part.

I love sportman racing and i'm way too old to ever get above that cattagory, and i'm so glad, because i donot know how to be an A$$hole.


PS, one day i'll learn how to seperate this DVD i have and post some of the footage that i have mentioned.
About a yr. ago my harddrive crashed after i made the DVD and i lost all of the individual segments and now have no way to seperate them from the DVD.
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Default meeting people

man you guys hit a nerve with me. as a "travelled" sportsman racer in the 80s i met alot of very nice people and some not so nice its a wonder some of the nice guys even get to race seems their always helping someone or doing something else right before they need to make their run! now those guys ill help,loan, anything they need .some people think that your just there to see them run and win! yea right i always love racing that type and usuall put them on the trailer o excuse me "in" the after a win or loss i try to find the other driver and at least shake their hand most are ok but some would rather complain why they lost or just plain ignore ya. o well its their loss! best people i met were in division 4 bracket finals in "green valley" texas boy those boys from baton rougue can race and cook!!!mmm and shakes place in new orleans man what gumbo he served at the cajun nationals. whoops telling my age now! yep even the guys on here are great man im just lucky to be here to soak in the info put up by guys on here thanks to everyone on here no "hot head big time racers here! just us good guys . thanks guys for letting me play along now where is that pig! mike
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