blower moter making no boost help

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Default blower moter making no boost help

help me i have a 540 big block with f1r makeing no boost the car makes boost after5500rpms i have changed the blow off valve puled intake to check it and changed still no boost till 5500 rpm where do i go from here
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well 1st off..those centrifugal superchargers suppose to be making instant boost at the trottle...

are you sure of :
#1- your blow off (by-pass) valve is working properly and not feeding out the boost before it enters the intake.

#2- you need to count the number of COG teeth and call ATI the lst chance you get...the pulley may have it set up to starting making boost at this rpm based on someoenes else set up........they have these things set up differently for boost to come in at certain rpm's for obvious reasons..

#3- check your boost gage..they will go bad.....and where do you have your boost gage hooked up for the reading ?

just how much boost is the thing making at 5500...and when your looking at the boost gage does it automatically have 15 lbs of boost or does it start creeping up etc.......

that f1r to my knowledge is a pretty big blower...capable of producing some serious wind...

they spin at over 40,000 rpm ( internally)...its possible that you also have a broken or damaged impellar...hard to tell at this point..

call ati for sure..don't be surprised if its designed to do this....


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yes blow off valve is working we found that we got 15lb in hat but no boost below the blades. the wierd thing is that it was working it made 928 to the wheels then we found that the fuel pressure was increasing in vacuum so now we think the return line is to small and the fuel voulem is to much procharger says fuel will eat boost so we are going to dash 10 return ill let you no if that workes thank you if you think of any thing else please let me no thank you [ larry]
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the same set up on a 496 and had same problem when i changed to an a2000 pump due to running lean moved my 10 to return and ran a 12 supply make sure you boost refrence is ran from the hat and and your blowoff is ran to the bottem of the carb or intake. I read my boost at the hat making 16lb 960 hp on chassis dyno 8.87 at 154 mph
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